Bench2Business was created by Dr Christine Buske as a magazine covering technology, (business) travel, expat lifestyle, and career change. Christine made the journey from 10 years at the research bench to a career in technology, reinventing her path a few times along the way. A three time expat, has injected an international perspective in how she covers topics on Bench2Business.

As our readers have grown in number, so have we. Bench2Business has been strengthened by different experiences and perspectives of our contributors. Below you can meet some regular faces.

Christine – Founder

Christine is at the core of Bench2Business as the founder and main contributor. She brings ten years of experience as a research scientist, with nearly the same amount of time as a freelancer, to the table prior to a career switch into technology. Where she has been now for six years in various roles. Reinventing her career after her PhD in neuroscience has been as much a joy as an adventure and she is happy to help others do the same.

She is a serial expat and avid globe trotter, having lived in The Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, the UK and short stints in the USA and UAE. Sometimes she speaks to journalists about tech, neuroscience, career change, and expat life.

You can read more about Christine here, and specifically more about her:

Carmen – Co-Founder

After more than three decades of traveling, and living in different countries, you would think Carmen has covered a few bucket lists of places to visit. Not yet! From Japan to the middle-of-nowhere in South Dakota, she has seen a lot, with still a few places left to explore.

She brings years of experience as an expat, property manager and travel enthusiast to the table. She takes a strong interest in wellness travel, meditation, and accessibility issues.

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Brands & PRs

Do you have or represent a brand looking for exposure to a captive audience? Does your product/service fit within the scope of the themes you see on Bench2Business? Then we may be able to work together!

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Are you thinking about doing a PhD, but not sure? Are you completing a PhD/Post-doc and considering a career shift into the private sector? Or do you work for a corporate interested in attracting former academics & PhDs (particularly in STEM and STEM publishing/tech industries)? I might be able to help! My approach is hands-on and practical, I am more a consultant and less a counsellor. Unfortunately I can only take on a very limited number of clients.

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Speaking opportunities

We welcome speaking opportunities. Christine is an award winning public speaker with a long list of conferences and events under her belt. Most notably, she has been an invited lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics & Business, she won an award for speaking at Measuring Behavior 2012. Agile software development, career transformation (specifically leaving academia for the private sector), Neuroscience/Neuromarketing, Outreach, (user) Research and any combination of these topics are particular favourites.

Contact me via email if you think we might be able to work together! I’m looking forward to discussing some ideas with you!