I am available as a consultant to academics seeking a career change into the private sector, and corporates seeking to attract candidates from academia for jobs in STEM and STEM publishing/tech industries. My approach is hands-on and practical, I am more a consultant and less a counsellor. Sounds like a good fit? Let’s discuss: bench2business@gmail.com.

For academics

Whether you just finished your PhD, or you’ve been on the academic career track for some time, a career change does not mean ‘selling out’ or ‘giving up’. If anything, many can attest to the challenge of translating the skills you’ve acquired during your PhD to a compelling CV for the private sector. Having said that, not only can it be done but you also bring unique assets and perspectives to the table. The common challenges many academics face, that I can help with, are:
– Deciding whether a career change is right for you. Do you really want to leave academia?
– If you do leave, what types of jobs should you be aiming for?
– Will you need some additional career training?
– How do you best position yourself in the market, and how do you translate your academic career to a compelling resume for the private sector?

For corporates

Is your business looking to attract professionals with research experience? Even in STEM the hiring process can at times deter PhD graduates and academics from applying for jobs they would be uniquely suitable for. I work with HR professionals to translate business needs into job specs that attract the right candidates for the job, particularly in STEM and STEM publishing/tech.