10 signs it’s time to upgrade your business ...

10 signs it’s time to upgrade your business premises

Do you have a feeling that it’s time to upgrade your business premises? Maybe there are signs that you’re conveniently ignoring, or you’re putting it off for some other reason – if you’re noticing some of the signs listed below, you won’t be able to ignore the fact that it’s time to move for long. Take a look and you’ll get a good idea of whether you should move soon or whether you can safely stay put:

1. Things Are Getting Tighter

Maybe you’ve noticed that things are getting tighter in the workplace. Each employee deserves to have plenty of space to work – nobody wants to work with their colleagues breathing down their necks! You need to make sure you have space for equipment and stock, too. Plus, not having enough space could mean more chance of an accident happening. It could be far safer for everybody to upgrade to a larger space.

2. You Want To Expand

Maybe you simply want to expand, and you know having a bigger, more luxurious space will be better for your brand. Of course, you shouldn’t do this off the cuff, and you must be able to afford it. However, moving to a better equipped, better looking premises could do wonders for your reputation.

3. You Want To Be Closer To The City

Being closer to the city, or even a town, could mean more opportunities for your business. This is a must if you have a retail store or the kind of business where you expect foot traffic. However, it can also be beneficial if you don’t have this kind of business. Usually, there are better transport links, so your employees will have a better time arriving to work. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons to ensure this is going to benefit your business and that you’re not going to have a huge number of people leaving your company.

4. You Have Safety Concerns

Everywhere you work can come with safety concerns. However, if you’ve noticed that your particular premises has issues, it could be time to move before you compromise your operation. Are there places that thieves and criminals can gain access to your building? Would you like more security? If you know things could be better, there are things you could invest in, such as cameras and fencing, but sometimes the only thing you can really do is move.

5. Your Financial Situation Has Improved

If your financial situation has improved somewhat and you can afford it, moving to a better place can be great for your growth and employee morale. However, you shouldn’t overstretch your budget with the move. Being able to comfortably afford your premises is important, and you’ll also want to factor in the price of removal companies and other services that will help you to make the switch successfully. You should be comfortable with your financial situation, having done the math so you know that this is likely to last. If you lose a few big clients or don’t get as many orders the next few months, will you still be able to afford it? Be honest!

6. Staff Are Having Issues

If your staff are having issues, listen to them. Maybe they struggle to get into work, or find the environment particularly hazardous. Ignoring your employees for too long could leave you with lawsuits on your hands due to accidents and things gone wrong that could have easily been prevented. Moving is a big step, so it might not be the first obvious conclusion you jump to when your employees complain, but it’s worth your consideration.

7. Your In Store Sales Aren’t Doing As Well

Of course this only really applies to retail, but if your in store sales aren’t doing as well, it could be time to move. You’ll want to look at things like your local marketing first, to ensure you’re doing all you can. People might simply have forgotten about you or not know that you are there. It won’t always be down to a poor choice of location. That being said, if you’re sure you’re doing everything in your power to attract customers, moving could be the best option. You should be in an area where you will find your target demographic, and it may not be where you are.

8. It’s Too Distracting

Perhaps you’re in a building with lots of other companies, and things around you can feel hectic. This could get distracting, especially if you have people just dropping in to visit and chat, use your facilities, or take liberties in other ways. Distractions come from all over in this day and age; mobile phones, emails, social media, and more. The least you can do is attempt to minimize distractions by choosing an appropriate place to carry out your mission.

9. You Want To be Able To Have Space For Meetings/Rest/New Equipment

Maybe you want to have more space so you can improve your business in other ways. Meetings aren’t always a necessity of modern day businesses, as there are all kinds of remote meeting options. However, occasional meetings can still be beneficial. Having more space so that your employees can have a better space to relax and enjoy lunch in is a good idea, as well as wanting more space so you can purchase better equipment. If the space will help your operations, then moving could be the best thing to do.

10. You Have A Gut Feeling

One thing nearly every mentor and coach will tell you is that a business owner should be able to listen to their gut. It might sound strange, but it’s true. Many of us are conditioned from a young age to ignore the gut, and instead go with the head. This can sometimes lead to making decisions that aren’t the best for us, even if they seemed logical at the time. If you have a gut feeling you should move, don’t ignore it!

Is it time for you to move?

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