3 Reasons to spruce up your basement this weekend

3 Reasons to spruce up your basement this weekend

Most homeowners with a basement tend to use it the same way they use their attic: to store away old stuff and last year’s Christmas decoration. It is a dark place where only spiders live and perhaps that large freezer you can’t fit in the kitchen.

No matter what you use your basement for at the moment, you can always take it back and make it a bit better. You should be able to enjoy it as well, after all, and there are way better places to store away your childhood stuff than underground.

Here is a handful of great ideas for what you can use that extra space for. It might even bring a bit more value to your home, by the way, if you manage to give it a quick coat of paint and install a few new light fixtures as well.

#1 The kids can have it

Parents all over the world have allowed their children to take over the basement for one very good reason: the noise doesn’t travel too far out when they’re underground. Plus, your pre-teens may finally be allowed to take their drum lessons to new levels or even practice their guitar skills without bothering anyone.

Allow your kids to have it but make them help you out with sprucing it up. It doesn’t have to take much, after all, and you can focus on giving it a good clean before treating it to one of your old couches, maybe a TV you’re not using anymore, and add a carpet for some extra insulation.

Now they have somewhere to hang out with their friends and you don’t have to trip over their stuff in the living room all the time.

If you don’t already have a basement, you might want to consider creating one. Just keep in mind that it could be rather costly as you might need air excavation equipment so that you don’t mess anything up underground. It will be totally worth it, though.

#2 You can create a home cinema

Because the basement tends to be underground, it’s also rather dark down there. It’s the perfect place for a large projector screen, in other words, so invest in a couple of comfortable chairs and a mini fridge to keep your snacks in.

If you’re still a bit old-school about your movies, you can use a bookshelf to store them in – or just make sure to tidy up your virtual movie library before inviting your friends over for a movie night. Have a look at this article for some more tips on how you can turn your basement into a home cinema over a short weekend.

#3 Use it as a hobby room

Whatever you like to do when you’re not busy with everything else, you should be in the basement while doing it. It’s the perfect room for doing all of that arts and crafts work, woodwork, writing, reading, gaming, you name it – the basement will have it.

You won’t be disturbing anyone either while you’re down there and, even better, they won’t be able to disturb you as much either.

Curl up with your favourite book or your favourite game for a few hours, let that mini fridge stay right where it is, and don’t come back up to the surface before you feel completely rested.

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