3 Tips for increasing your work productivity as an...

3 Tips for increasing your work productivity as an entrepreneur

It pretty much goes without saying that in order be successful as an entrepreneur; you’re going to need to put in some very real and serious work. It’s always good to find ways to work smarter rather than harder, but if you think there’s a reliable and realistic strategy you can follow in order to enjoy professional success without consistent hard work, you’re bound to be in for some major disappointment.

Hard work is at the core of success in any domain of life you might want to master, and this is certainly true when it comes to entrepreneurial endeavours. For that reason, one of the best things that any entrepreneur can do to improve their own professional prospects, is to develop strategies and systems for increasing their work capacity.

Here are some tips for increasing yours.

Outsource some of your administrative tasks

One of the most meaningful “productivity tips” to keep in mind is to remember a simple fact — that everyone on earth has the same number of hours, minutes, and seconds in a day. No one has more, or can buy more, and no one has less.

A big part of what separates the super-successful from the every-day in business and in life, is that the super-successful are usually excellent at managing their time, and ensuring that in any given moment, they’re doing the most meaningful possible work.

A major part of this is knowing how and when to outsource work to other people. If you’re an entrepreneur focusing on graphic designs, for example, accounting tasks are better left to experts such as Atkinsons CA.

The first tip in increasing your work capacity, is to find ways of handing off tasks that fall outside your area of core expertise, to third parties.

Reframe work as sacrifice towards a greater goal

If you struggle with working on a particular project, consistently, in a disciplined way, it may be that you’re framing the idea wrongly in your mind.

Perhaps you’re just thinking “I’ve got to do this work now but I really don’t feel like it. Just five more minutes watching TV…”

Try this, instead. Reframe work as a sacrifice you make towards a greater goal. Understand that the degree of your “sacrifice” here will correlate strongly with the degree of your eventual success.

Instead of saying “I really feel like watching TV instead of doing this project”, tell yourself, “I’m willing to sacrifice this TV show for my career.”

Change your lifestyle up to support your endeavours

It’s difficult to be at peak productivity if you routinely fail to get enough sleep, fuel yourself on a nutrient-deficient diet of processed noodles, and never get any sunlight.

Working effectively and getting the most out of your days is, to a large extent, facilitated and even enabled by the lifestyle habits you have at hand to support those efforts.
When you’re not working, structure your time so that you can fit in plenty of nutritious meals, so that you can get enough sleep, and so that you can have a bit of mindless fun and entertainment each day, as well.

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