5 Mobile marketing methods to try

Many of us are avid smartphone users. Modern companies are realising that these devices are the marketing platform of the future. Here are just a few ways to start getting involved in mobile marketing.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

The majority of internet users are no longer using PCs, but are instead perusing the web on their phones. If your company website isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s possible that this could be losing you over half the people that visit your site. Websites built over ten years ago may not be mobile compatible, however most websites built since then should be compatible – however that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily mobile friendly. It’s possible to create a mobile friendly copy of your website that are mobile user are redirected to, incorporating features such as a simpler interface and bigger call-to-action buttons that can be used easily with a touchscreen. Try visiting your website on a smartphone and see how it looks.

Activate mobile extensions on search engines

Many search engines now offer mobile extensions that could be helpful to certain businesses. It’s possible to add a call button extension next to your Google listing that allow people to quickly call you up. Other extensions that could be handy include a location extension which tell people where you company is based on GPS and an app extension that allows people to quickly download your app.

Use texts to keep existing customers in the loop

SMS marketing is a means of using texts to advertise promotions. Generally speaking, this method of marketing is only possible with existing customers who you already have one’s mobile number for. It can be a great means of generating return customers as a result. You should always include an opt-out feature (e.g. ‘text STOP to stop receiving texts’) as some people find this marketing method overly invasive.

Create your own app for customers

It’s also possible to create apps for marketing purposes. This could include a digital loyalty card, an interactive catalogue, an interactive takeaway menu or a delivery tracking app. Regardless of the app’s content, it can help promote your business simply by offering mobile users a constant reminder of your business every time they open their phone and scroll through the apps. How much does it cost to make an app? Not as much as you may think – modern app development companies have brought down their costs significantly since the early days of apps. On top of this, there are now app builders available that use drag and drop customisation and don’t require any coding knowledge – perhaps not useful if you want something a little more complex/creative, however handy if you just need a basic app.

Have fun with mobile adverts

Web ads are also evolving in order to appeal to a new generation of mobile users. Whilst you can still stick to basic picture ads, some companies have found ways of creating animations and interactive ads that appeal to people’s love of mobile gaming. There are mobile ad companies that can help to create an ad for you.


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