5 Simple ways to beef up your office security

5 Simple ways to beef up your office security

It does not matter what line of business you are in security is always an issue. As a business owner, you have to be aware of the security of your personnel as well as the security of property, machinery and equipment. Any security measures need to start from when the staff parks their cars and to follow through to the office they are working in.

CCTV And Good Lighting

Make sure where your employee’s park is well lit and covered by CCTV. This does deter some potential burglars, but the workers need to ensure that they do not leave any valuables on show in their cars and that they are properly locked.

Admittance Should Be Restricted

Admittance to the building should be restricted to just those who should be there, This can be monitored by the use of several security measures such as ID cards or fobs all of which are readily available at There are many accessories that accompany these to make their use simpler, and the machine to produce them can also be purchased.

This would mean that anyone without the appropriate ID would not be able to enter the building, which makes it a safer place for your workers to be.

Keep Personal Items With You

All employees should keep personal items with them at all times, and anything valuable belonging to the business should be locked away when it is not in use. These couple of measure will take temptation away from any casual visitors that might have been allowed in for a purpose, such as to repair a piece of equipment or make a delivery.

Any casual visitor that is on the premises for a reason should never be left unattended.

Late Night Workers Should Not Be Alone

If there is a reason that people need to work late at night, they should never be left in the office on their own. When most people have gone home, those that are left should ensure that all the doors are locked and secure, but no one should stay behind after everyone else has gone.

This is leaving them vulnerable to attack, either on themselves or their car of it is the only left in the car park.

Keep Password Safe

Make sure passwords through doors, into extra secure places and into computers are all in the safest place, the mind of the person that uses them. They should never be written down or recorded anyway, as that leaves them open to abuse. Having a backup person with the same knowledge is not a bad idea if the password is to some vital business documents, for instance.

Cheap But Effective

Most of the things mentioned above do not cost a fortune but are very effective where security is concerned. Overall, you and your staff all need to be aware of any strangers that seem to be hanging around or any suspicious activity. If something does not seem right and you have your own security staff, you should call them straight away. If you do not employ security staff, ring the police for their help.

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