Can you start a property investment business part-...

Can you start a property investment business part-time?

If you would like to build a long term residual income for the future, you might have already thought about investing in property. While you can start trading online with a smaller budget, there are more risks associated with currency or stocks than real estate. No matter if you just left college or got on the property ladder early, maybe inherited a lump sum, you can carry on with your life and invest in property at the same time. Find a few tips below.

Starting Small

You don’t have to buy a large house to get started. There are certain areas where you can get a cheap apartment that comes with a high yield once you have managed to renovate it. You can also decide to move out of your home and let it out, so you can move up on the property ladder while getting more money every month and increasing your net worth.

Making Small Changes

When you have a limited budget for property investment, you can join other people and buy shares in development projects. You don’t have to set out on your own; wait until you learn enough about properties, markets, customers, and rent. Flipping houses is not easy, and you need to be aware of the legal and regulatory side of investment and renovation if you don’t want your career to end early.


In case you carry on working while trying to manage a renovation project, you will need to ask for help. From plumbing to maintenance, collecting the rent, and managing the accounts, there are plenty of things you might feel overwhelmed with. If you don’t want to worry about your house or apartment 24/7, you might want to contact a Property Maintenance company to manage everything and see through the home improvement projects.  

Think Corporate

In case you don’t want to deal with residential properties, you might want to invest in commercial property instead. There are old buildings in many industrial towns and areas that can be turned into stunning offices and you can earn your initial property investment back much faster than with residential homes. Of course, you will still need to comply with regulations, but also maximize your profits at the same time.

Adding Value

Whenever you are starting a new business, you will have to think about how you will add value. There are several ways you can increase the worth of your property portfolio, such as extending it, modernizing it, or simply improving its energy efficiency. Consider your budget before you start your project, so you can avoid overspending and getting into debt. It is also crucial that you look at future property trends and planning permissions in the area that might impact the value of your assets.

There are several ways you can start with property investment without a huge budget. Many young people try this method to create long term residual income and top up their retirement savings or pay for life’s little luxuries.

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