Checkout gateways: accessible with fewer distracti...

Checkout gateways: accessible with fewer distractions

Any business is exciting but each industry has its own era. Industries are born out of nothing sometimes and that’s exactly what ecommerce is. It’s the sudden appearance and thriving landscape of purely online businesses. It’s opened a lot of doors for so many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Now if you are just an ordinary person, but you have a great idea, a passion to change the world and the ability to work harder than you have ever before, your wildest dreams of success can come true. Ecommerce is so popular because it’s easy to access. Any consumer with an internet connection has the ability to purchase something from you. Presenting your products, marketing them and creating a website that is easy to use is the main bulk of any online business. However, your hopes and dreams are dancing on a pinhead. This precipice is the checkout. It’s the process where you depart with your money, give vital details and secure your product as your own.

Simple and accessible

When an online customer is in the checkout phase, you need to do away with any and all distractions. It’s a moment where the serious side of business once again is given the center stage. Absolutely no advertisements must be allowed at the sign-in or guest page. Those who have an account with your business can merely fill in the two boxes of email or username along with the password. To be more accessible, offer consumers a guest or new customer option. This is where they create their account right in the middle of the checkout. The usual, name, address, gender, email and password form protocols apply. Remove any background art as well, and leave it blank i.e. white. The idea is so customers can focus purely on the details they need to give in order to go into the next phase of the checkout.

A trusted guardian

In an ecommerce business, you can go hell for leather with your artistic and creative vision. After all, it’s much cheaper to have graphics for your business online than it is in a real store. However, the checkout phase is the final road to making a real exchange of money and product. For the payment process, you need a trusted guardian such as a credit card processing company. What happens when a customer puts in their credit card details and clicks the ‘buy’ button is a little complex. As you are the merchant i.e. business your acquiring bank will be fixed to your online business to allow money from purchases to go directly into your account. However, a PSP (payment service provider) will do the legwork for you. They process payments for online purchases. They are the bridge the connects a customer’s details to their issuing bank and then transfers the approved transaction back to your website. The customer is given the notification that their purchase has been successful and then the payment will be made into your bank account from the issuing bank.

The checkout phase is perhaps the most boring for some but it’s a very serious part of an ecommerce business. Remove any distractions so the customer can focus. Allow your checkout to be accessible by allowing customers who aren’t signed up to your website to quickly make an account in the same window and carry on with their purchase. A PSP is your gateway guardian that ultimately performs the task of securing the financial transaction.


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