Could motorcycling unlock the path to greater prod...

Could motorcycling unlock the path to greater productivity?

As an entrepreneur, you always have a lot on your mind. The many and various considerations of running your own enterprise can place a plethora of worries on your shoulders. You must contend with maintaining a healthy, happy and productive workforce, staying one step ahead of your competitors, ensuring that your brand voice is on point and use marketing to draw new sets of eyes to your business each and every day, and let’s not even get started about your tax considerations. On top of all this you know that perhaps your greatest obstacle is… You! Every day is a battle to maximize your own productivity and ensure that you are the string, decisive and compassionate leader that your workforce deserves. But there is evidence that the key to maintaining peak productivity and mental acuity is actually by using the thing between your legs… No, not that. Your motorbike!

Better safe than sedentary

Motorcyclists are constantly bombarded with comments from concerned friends and relatives about their safety and well meaning enquiries about when they’re going to join the herd and get a car. Of course, the increased hazard perception a motorbike affords you and the fact that a law firm like Greene Broillet & Wheeler can help you get compensation if you are involved in an accident should be of some reassurance, but there’s actually evidence to suggest that motorcycling can also boost your mental faculties and help you to unlock a path to greater productivity…

Riding is smarter than driving

While driving is a sedentary activity, riding into work on your motorbike has been shown to engage both the body and the mind and regular motorcycling is known to enhance both. A study by Ryutu Kawishima at the University of Tokyo, titled “The relationship between motorcycle riding and the human mind,” tested both motorcyclists and a non-rider group, examining each individual for brain function and cognitive skills. After two months it was determined that the group who rode their motorcycles regularly were found to score higher than their non-riding counterparts. Moreover, some of the motorcyclists tested demonstrated an increase in cognitive faculties by over 50% while some of the non-riders actually deteriorated.

If you come into work every day with your neurons firing on all cylinders, you’re far more likely to be the boss your workforce wants and needs you to be.

Positivity on wheels

The act of riding your motorbike is an inherently positive endeavour. The feeling of freedom that comes with riding combined with the great views and a feeling of exhilaration every time we accelerate down the road. The experience is much more joyful than sitting in a car and many describe it as a very meditative state. This combination of factors makes it a great outlet for combatting stress and maintaining a positive outlook both in your business endeavours and your personal life.

In an era where entrepreneurs face constant stress and strain that puts them at an ever present risk of burning out, the long ride home can be a cleansing act that helps you maintain a positive mindset rather than just another tedium to get through as you sit baking in your car in nose to tail traffic.


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