East London Cycling Route with Expedia!

East London Cycling Route with Expedia!

A little while ago I was approached about a really fun project that was right up my alley: coming up with a fun East London cycling route for a dedicated page on Expedia!

Cycling, London, and me go hand in hand like wine and cheese, so it didn’t take much convincing to get my on board. I’ve even analyzed my own cycling data using R in the past!

Finding a day with good enough weather to put this all together, while also being on a tight deadline (and working full time) was not easy. Thankfully the weather Gods were in my favour and it only started absolutely pouring down towards the end of the afternoon, just before I managed to make it to my last stop and warm up. Luckier still was that the next day the rain was even more persistent and I was glad I had not left it for later. Want to get an impression of what you will see on your cycling tour through East London? Check out the video below for a taster! All stops and info of the route can be found on the Expedia cycling article, here.


Christine Buske is a former academic who left science at the bench, and now considers herself a woman in tech. She is a frequently invited speaker, and enjoys talking about career transformation (particularly leaving academia for the business world), tech, issues around women in tech, product management, agile, and outreach. She is a proud Canadian resident, and qualifies as a "serial expat".


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