Employee perks your staff will appreciate

Employee perks your staff will appreciate

Your employees are the driving force behind your business, it’s down to them that your company works. They perform the day to day tasks that keep things running, and therefore earning profit for you. As an employer you have a duty of care to your workers and there are lots of rules that need to be followed- but why not go a step further? Offering additional perks and incentives can boost mood (and therefore productivity), make your workers feel appreciated and can even reduce worker turnover rate. Here are a few small ways you can go about it.

Free coffee

We all know how much of a pick-me-up a cup of coffee is when we’re feeling tired at work. It can give you a boost of energy to get you through, and according to research it boost productivity and can improve your chances of retaining newly learned information. You could purchase a coffee machine and give your employees access to it, it’s a nice perk for them and could even mean better productivity which is great news for you. You can buy wholesale coffee from Two Chimps Coffee and other similar brands, so it won’t work out too expensive.

Occasional company lunches

There’s two things people are always going to love in life- free things and good food! So combining the two and offering your staff occasional lunches or treats paid for by the company is always going to go down well. You could have a catering company come to your workplace and put on a spread, or you could go out for a meal and drinks after work and cover the bill.

Staff lottery

This is a simple activity that you can do which can help employees bond, as it’s something you’re all doing together which is separate from work. You could all put in a set amount of money each week and play some numbers. There are companies out there too which run and organise staff lotteries if you want something more structured.

Remote working

Employers are becoming more and more aware of the perks of letting their employees work from home– at least some of the time. If a lot of the work that’s done is conducted online, it can be done from their home instead of having to come into the office. This can mean less stress to workers as there’s no commute and they have more flexibility. As long as you know your staff are hardworking and will get their tasks done, you can assign them the work and allow them to get on with it in their own time. Set a deadline, and they can decide what time they start and how they will organise their workload without being micromanaged.

Prizes for hard work

If your staff work to any kind of targets, rewarding those that do the best is a good incentive to drive more sales and also allows them to feel appreciated for the work they put in. Otherwise, you could do a raffle or hand out prizes perhaps each year at Christmas just as a small way to recognise their hard work and let them know it’s not being overlooked.

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