Everything you need to know about relocating your ...

Everything you need to know about relocating your business

Sometimes there comes the need to change the location of your business premises. Whether that be because of your current landlord being unfair or ending your lease, or you simply need a bigger space, there’s a lot to think about when considering uprooting your business. As you may already be aware, changing locations could lose you customers or even make it harder for suppliers to reach you. So, to help your move run more smoothly, we’ve compiled a guide on everything you need to know about relocating your business.

Think about reachability

One thing that could prove to be a problem for yourself, your staff members, and customers alike, is reachability. You may feel like your current location is perfect because not only do your customers know where to find you, but you know that you and your staff have no problem making it to work each day. However, there are some simple solutions that you can consider to help eliminate this problem:

  • Choose a location with generous parking. This way, suppliers, customers, and staff members should be able to easily reach you.
  • Avoid shared entrances. Business can often fall into the background when there are other shops or offices nearby. If you run a shop, make sure yours can be seen from the street. If you don’t have much choice, be sure to create a sign to direct people to your premises.
  • Try not to relocate somewhere that’s not easily accessible by foot too. Not everyone has a car and bus routes aren’t always as generous as you’d hoped. Don’t risk losing out on valuable customers!

Are you equipped to move tech?

In this day and age, pretty much every business has a plethora of tech to help them out with day to day tasks. Phone and IT systems aren’t as easy to up and move as you may think. It’s likely that to set up complex systems for your business that you’ve had to have technicians in to put everything together, so have you thought about how you’re going to move your tech? Luckily, you can get help for when you are changing offices from Prosyn. They are trained specialists that have helped many businesses relocate without a hitch and most importantly, without the loss of custom!

Use your relocation as a fresh start

Finally, even if your business isn’t particularly suffering, your relocation can be treated as a fresh start for your business. A swanky new look in a bigger and better location could be just what your business needs. Consider creating a new sign and logo for your business and when it comes to your grand reopening, invite the public in for free refreshments to see what you’re about! Moving your business premises elsewhere doesn’t have to be a negative thing!

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