Five effective ways to market your business

Five effective ways to market your business

Marketing and promotion are absolutely vital if you want a successful business, when competition is so fierce it’s not just a case of launching and waiting for the customers to come flooding in. Here are three, up to date marketing methods you can utilise to help business boom.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is incredibly effective and should be considered for most businesses as part of their marketing strategy. Research shows that when a potential customer lands on a page on your website including a video it can increase conversions by up to eighty percent. Video can influence buying behaviour, it can make you look more trustworthy and credible and persuade a visitor to take the plunge and shop with you. Hire a company that specialises in corporate video production to bring your vision to life.

Attend a Trade Show

Business expos and trade shows this tend to be reasonably large, this is great as it means more interest and more people attending- many of who could be interested in your business. However it also means that people won’t be able to attend every stall, so the trick is to make yours as exciting as possible. One thing you can do ahead of time is spend some time coming up with fun activities to promote your business- things like games, competitions and magic tricks as a way to demonstrate your business is  far more interactive than a dull presentation.

Marketing Merchandise

Marketing merchandise works by giving away free items to people who are likely to be interested in your business with your brand name, logo and/ or website on them. That way, every time people use the items they’re reminded of your business. Things like pens, keyrings, umbrellas, mugs and travel mugs and more will all be genuinely useful to a person and are things they’re likely to use. But have a think, and go with things that you know people will get some use out of, the more they use the item the more they will see your business information.

Blogger Outreach

As business owners, we need to be aware of how influential bloggers can be, and how they can be utilize them as part of our marketing strategies. The most difficult thing is building up a network of reliable bloggers with good domain authority; for this reason it can be worth hiring a professional company. They will know how to approach influencers and how much they should be paid. They will know how to go about having links and adverts published onto the bloggers sites.  

Social Media Marketing

Social media has transformed the internet in the past few years. Not only is it a way to stay in touch with people in our personal lives but as businesses it has changed the way we advertised and sell too. Social media marketing allows you to speak to customers on a more personal level, it enables you to quickly answer questions and queries and it can help you to accumulate reviews which are invaluable for your business. When potential customers can see good reviews that written by real people on social media, it gives them the confidence shop with you too. It shows you are trustworthy and reliable which can be difficult to achieve as a new business. With so many scams and fraudulent websites around, customers can be rightly cautious about shopping with someone new.

*Photo by Austin Chan 

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