Focusing on your employees when growing a small bu...

Focusing on your employees when growing a small business

It can feel a bit like Sophie’s Choice when growing your small business because you don’t know what aspect to focus on first! As your business increases in stature, you’ll find yourself focusing on the most pressing tasks. But, after a while, this turns into more of a firefight, rather than developing everything organically and in the best interest of those that work for you. When it comes to developing your business, focusing on your employees is obvious, but so many entrepreneurs don’t tend to focus on their employees in the right way. So let’s make some positive changes in this area…

Knowing The Regulations (So They Don’t Have To)

An employee needs to feel safe and secure, not just because of the perks of the job, but they want to feel that their best interests are your best interests too. This means that you’ve got to ensure a working knowledge of appropriate and legal regulations, which is especially true in a small business (and you are constantly flying by the seat of your pants)! There are resources like that can ensure you are kept up-to-date in relation to these components. It’s not just for the benefit of your employees, but by keeping on top of these regulations you won’t find yourself becoming unstuck if you fall short of the mark in a legal sense.

Empowering The Employees

To make your employees work better or faster, it’s not about slave driving, it’s about making them feel part of the process. And what better way to do this than to give your employees more responsibility? Empowering your employees means that you are putting them in the driving seat, rather than expecting them to just follow orders. You can do this in many ways, either by giving them or things to do or empowering them in terms of their knowledge, of which there is more information on Empowering your employees has a positive impact on the business, but also on yourself. If you are someone who holds everything close to your chest, learning how to relinquish some responsibility will help you to grow as an entrepreneur and an employer.

Focus On Quality Of Life

You know that they’re not on this planet to do everything for you and the sooner you address this, the better. Instead of working at motivating them for little personal benefit, focus on improving the quality of life in and outside the company. Work-life balance is one of those things that is constantly spoken of, but we can make the most of this if we tie it in with motivational cues. Perhaps giving your employees Friday afternoons off can help to motivate them better come Monday morning? Not just because they are rested, but you’ve done something for them that they are truly grateful for. Other organisations promote flexi-time, but others look at improving the culture of the company and making it a great place to work.

There are so many ways to focus on your employees and when growing your business, the facts, figures, and targets can take precedence. Instead, work at making the employees feel they are valued, and this will benefit so many different components.   

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