Keeping your work environment safe

There are many things that you become responsible for when running a business and keeping the work environment safe, is just one of those many tasks. It can be very easy for accidents to happen in the workspace so doing your best in protecting employees, from a business point of view, will avoid any nasty fallouts or legal battles cropping up. CIS registration is advised to protect you as a contractor and here are a few ways you can help keep workers safe in the organisation.

Make Sure All Machinery Is In Working Order

Using certain machinery every day in a construction development or electrical equipment in an office can wear down the equipment over time and without the regular safety checks, this can pose a potential harm to employees using it. Make sure that you keep an eye on machinery and ensure that service checks are done as and when required. If there’s anything that needs replacing, try and replace it as soon as you can.

Fix Any Damages That Could Cause Harm

Some staff may ignore obvious damages or potential situations in the workplace that could cause harm, so it’s important that someone is able to go around the organisation to note down any potential risks and gets them fixed immediately. It shouldn’t necessarily fall on the shoulders of other staff members to report issues but encouraging a vigilance with all employees may be useful to do.

Keep It Clean And Organised

Whether the workspace is out constructing buildings or indoors in an office, the environment should be kept clean and organised to avoid accidents from happening. For example, in an office, it’s wise to make sure desks and surroundings are tidy from paperwork, filing and any boxes or items that could be a tripping hazard for some.

Keeping your office tidy in general will do wonders for staff productivity too and will keep their motivation levels high because as humans, our mood can be affected by different environments and a clean one promotes typically positive feelings.

Provide Clear Work And Safety Instructions

Every business operates differently, and each organisation works in a different environment that is less or more safe than another. Therefore every new starter in the organisation should be briefed with instructions on how to work and be safe in the environment. It’s useful to maybe do the same for any employees who’ve been around for a while and maybe need a little refresh. Talk to your employees and ask them to speak freely about safety concerns. We can’t see everything so having your staff contributing may bring up issues you didn’t even realise existed.

First Aid courses are essential for the workplace so be sure you have a good amount of first aiders within the business, and if you don’t, then you’ll need to provide a budget to send some employees on the course.

Work should be a safe space for all, so be sure to follow this tips so to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

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