Looking after your employees – behind the sc...

Looking after your employees – behind the scenes

In any business article trying to promote treating employees well, the same number of advice points come up. Usually they are focused on ‘pay your employees on time, hire internally,’ or ‘allow them to express their professional opinions.’ These are just three quite important things to take care of, clearly, but they are rather obvious, and any business leader with an eye on success will often develop this with willingness.

Instead it can be worthwhile to consider how you might help your employees in the hidden ways. How might you help their professional experience remain useful, well planned and continually refined in order to ensure they can apply their best work? For that and more, consider the below advice:

Communicative Ease

Employees need to be granted tools to function at their jobs effectively. So far, so good. But often, considering the fundamentals of these job roles can help you focus on them with diligence. For example, it might be that the method your employees are able to use in order to communicate with one another are relatively outdated. It might be that every employee relies on an internal VoIP system to communicate with one another, which of course is extremely important and should be used for all professional intra-departmental business.

However, might it be that installing a secure instant messaging platform allow your employees to quickly shoot messages to one another, to phrase them with brevity thus saving time, and allowing other employees to return the message as they feel most appropriate. Might a platform like this be best used on a mobile phone also? Communicative ease is essential to consider, provided it’s secure, always accessible, and registered to the full account of the employee in synchronicity with the rest of their workflow.

Supplier Ease

Are the suppliers you use easy to interface with, or do they require long-form communication, late replies and unpredictable service? Might your staff be able to order concrete online with an effective app tracking program to guide the delivery expectations, or are they having to call a number, give an overly long business registration number and password, and have to work through and endless, boring amount of paperwork to verify the purchase?

Depending on your needs, it’s not hard to see which one is the superior option, provided your reports are relatively easy to generate.

Health & Safety

Investing heavily in health and safety is not only a legal requirement, but could also be interfaced with more than the simple legal limit might require. Don’t try to meet standards, instead try to absolutely improve upon them. Try to be the safest workplace in your industry. Provide important equipment, don’t be afraid to replace it, and have internal private auditors come to verify your workplace is operating correctly. Ensure they have even more stringent requirements than the government inspectors. This way, your staff can enjoy a healthy, protected working environment. Sure you might safe plenty of money in insurance or lawsuits due to negligence, but simply having a protected work staff is reward enough.

With these tips, looking after your employees in hidden ways is sure to prove worthwhile.

  1. Fred Schrader

    5 September

    “Employees need to be granted tools to function at their jobs effectively. ” I second that! And you need to use communication tools, that will be understood and actually used by your workforce. Don’t stress out your team by forcing something they don’t want to. You know, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad, Muhammad must go to the mountain. 🙂

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