More than blogging: businesses thrive with juicy o...

More than blogging: businesses thrive with juicy online content

You’ve heard by now how important blogging is for a business. Simply put, a business blog is like your own newspaper. Keeping fans and strangers alike, up to date with all that you’re doing. It’s never been more important than right at this moment to keep your presence alive on the internet. Alive is alright but alive and kicking is more like it in this social media age. Customers get to read about the inner workings of your business as if they were getting an exclusive. This is especially important for those who have bought your products and or services. They want to know what’s coming down the pipeline; a new update, a new version, a big announcement of expansion? It keeps people on social media talking about you, hashtagging your business all around the internet. If enough consumer interest is generated from your blog, journalists will get in on the action and quote your blog for their organisation. It’s 2018 now, a blog should be more than just writing the odd article.

Feeling special and interaction

Like many political and cultural media outlets, including surveys and questionnaires on your blog could be fantastic. In order to vote in a poll on your blog, people must be logged in. If someone isn’t a member of your website, they could easily create an account from the blog page itself. Questions about what consumers love best in terms of features or similar products, get people talking and engaged. You also get some free advice and a better look at the most loyal customers’ perceptions. Including a comment section at the bottom of your blog will only put your interaction prospects into overdrive. It makes people feel special to be able to cast a vote in a poll that is only for people with profiles for your website. The feeling of exclusivity is itself a currency that a blog can offer in many more ways.

Spread the word 

Writing a blog is great, but mostly getting people other than your customers to read it is challenging. Online marketing companies are skilled in the paid advertising strategy. You don’t want promotion of your blog to look forced and artificial. People will spot a fake over the top social media advertisement a mile away. A company that can secure organic social media ads on Facebook which is the number one news source for many people, is something you should look to hire. A dedicated marketing team that devises successful bespoke social strategies for clients, is going to be more accurate at conveying the best of your business than something generic. Facebook can sometimes seem like a freeforall. But people who search for news in your industry, the type of products you sell and keywords, can be directed straight to your blog by targeted advertisements.

Businesses need to look at blogging as content art. It’s more than just words, it’s a way to curate a loyal passionate audience that seeks your business out. Every morning people wake up and they go to the Twitter or YouTube homepage to see what’s going on. You should be aiming for your blog to be that page people load up as their must-have dose of information every day.


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