Organising a messy warehouse

If you are starting up a business this year, one of the things you will want to have for your stock is a warehouse. Whether big or small, here are some tips to build an organised warehouse which will be perfect for storing your products this year. 

Better stacking

The main thing you will need to consider with your warehouse is the way your items are stacked in the room. Think about bringing in clever racking which will help to keep your items organised and make it much easier for you to find an item when it had been ordered by a customer. Pallet racking is vital in eCommerce warehouses and it can make your life much easier when working in the warehouse. On a smaller scale, or if your warehouse is literally in your own garage, sturdy shelving and organising them well will help a lot. Not only to process orders more quickly, but also to keep better track of when an item is out of stock. 

Numbers and letters

One of the easiest ways you can make your warehouse more organised is to bring in a number and letter system for each of your aisles. Think about numbering every aisle in the warehouse. On each aisle, think about naming your shelves from top to bottom with letters. The top shelf would be A, then B, and so on until you reach the bottom shelf. This will make picking items much easier because you can write down where each item sits on your aisle.

Organise by category

If you need a simple way to organise a large warehouse in minutes, you can simply divide your items into categories and this will make things much easier for you to find them when they have been ordered from your website. Think about dividing your items into rooms of the house, types, colours and other things which will set them apart.

Make a map

The best way to keep on track of your items is to draw a full map of the warehouse and then you can keep track of every item in the space at any one time. You can draw it on your computer so that when a new item comes in you can move things around and this will make things much easier for you to organise. It also means that as soon as a delivery is set to come into the warehouse, you will be able to see the space you have available and you can make space for the new products.

Regular stock take

It is crucial that you keep on top of the items you have in your warehouse during the year by counting the stock in full at least twice a year. This is a mammoth task but it will ensure that your records are correct and it will also give you the chance to move things around and decide whether you can reduce the price of older items with a view of getting rid of them from your warehouse. You’ll need to get everyone involved and make sure you have a structured way of counting the items for real accuracy.


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