Personal development skills every entrepreneur sho...

Personal development skills every entrepreneur should work on

As a successful entrepreneur, chances are you have many incredible skills that have got you to where you are now- but it’s important not to rest on your laurels. There will always be areas where you’re weaker too, and addressing these areas can help you to improve yourself as a person- as well as a boss and business owner. Here are just a few different things entrepreneurs would benefit from investing time into.

Get organised

Organisation is absolutely crucial for success in all areas of life. And when you run your own business, it’s particularly important- chances are you’re pushed for time almost every day, and so you need to be able to make the best use of this time. Getting organised can help you to do this, a little time spent in advance getting things sorted can streamline your day and save you time and hassle. Start writing to-do lists and sticking to them. Create a schedule, and get into a routine where possible. Do what you can ahead of time, whether it’s preparing meals for the week on a Sunday night so you can eat well all week without any extra prep, or sorting out your clothes and work bag the evening before. Even having an organised home and car can help you in your business venture, since you know where things are and have everything when you need it without any additional running around. Have a think about where you’re disorganised, and the impact that it has on your day or your mood. Then take steps to remedy this. With less to worry about you can get on with your tasks without wasting time or getting stressed.

Gain some new qualifications

The more we learn in life, the more we realise how little we actually know. In many ways, this is great- it means no matter how advanced you are, there’s always something more to learn. This keeps you sharp and keeps you curious. If you’re already proficient in the subject you work in, how about studying related but different topics to give you a wider knowledge? If you’re a digital marketer for example, gaining qualifications in things like graphic design and photoshop could help you because although they’re different, they’re linked and this broader understanding could really help you to excel. You could consider an online masters in TESOL and earn yourself a teaching degree, understanding how to teach your subject of interest to others and in turn, enables you to learn more yourself. As a business owner, things are constantly changing. Staying up to date with your knowledge and qualifications is important, it gives you the option to switch things up or branch out if things change and your original business model is no longer working.

Increase your emotional intelligence

Self awareness is key, it’s something that everyone could benefit from working on but especially as a company owner. Understanding your own mind helps you to live authentically, according to your own morals and values. When decisions in business need to be made, having this understanding can make things easier. When you know yourself well and understand your own mind, it can also help you to understand others too. Increased empathy and emotional awareness helps you to connect with people on their level which can be useful when you’re managing a team, networking and generally dealing with lots of different people on a regular basis. No one wants a selfish and arrogant boss, you’ve probably worked for a few yourself over the years. Increasing your emotional intelligence prevents you from becoming this nightmare boss for others. Practice meditation, journal or consider speaking with a life coach or therapist. Get clear with your goals and generally get to know yourself- what you’re about and what makes you tick.

Get personal

Speaking of connecting with people, this is another way you can work on your self development. Work on developing your interpersonal relationships, things as simple as learning to listen more and speak less in certain situations will help you in both your personal and work life. Controlling your emotions is another part of this, being able to remain understanding or professional even when others have offended or upset you are vital skills to learn. Improving your assertiveness and using it when necessary, as well as giving your communications skills a boost again will serve you well in both work and life. If you’re scared of public speaking for example- take a course in it! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and great things can happen.

Find ways to relax

Running your own company can be amazing- you get to pour your passion and creativity into something that genuinely means something to you. You’re not stuck in the rat race, spending the best years of your life earning lots of money for a big company. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows- there are of course drawbacks too. As the boss, there’s a lot of pressure and responsibility on your shoulders. You’re not guaranteed an income month to month, especially at the start before you’ve secured your regular shoppers or clients. And you have a team of people who you’re responsible for, it can be a lot to take on. For this reason, its crucial as a business owner that you know the importance of relaxation. Make sure you’re taking time away from your venture each week, and when you’re not at work find things to do that you enjoy. Relaxing hobbies, trips to the spa, even exercise can all help you to de-stress. Neglect this and you could end up putting your health at risk, especially over the long term.

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