Preparing company vehicles for a frosty winter

Preparing company vehicles for a frosty winter

January is often one of the coldest months of the year. The weather is dropping and at the same time, many of us are trying to give our businesses a kick start, to pick up when things are quiet.

When the frost hits, we turn up our heating, and we try to stay indoors. At home, you might try to avoid driving when the weather is really bad and especially when there’s snow and ice on the ground. But, you might not be able to do that at work. If you’ve got company cars that are vital to your business, you might not be able to take them off the roads when the weather is bad. Instead, you need to prepare them, so that they are able to keep doing their jobs for your business, even in the harshest winter weather.

Check Your Tyres

Tyres are often the first things to struggle in poor weather. They are also usually the most important tool in keeping you, or your drivers, safe on the roads. Check tyre pressure and tread, add Wheel Nut Indicators and switch to winter tyres if you are expecting really harsh conditions or your vehicles are very heavy.

Check the Batteries

Winter is a tough time for batteries. The cold weather prevents them from working to their best. But, using lights, wipers and heaters more mean that they are being drained of power more often. Most car batteries work effectively for about five years, so if it’s older than this, and you’ve had any trouble starting up, that might be why.

Use the Antifreeze

Check your levels. Check the oil and screen wash, and make sure you top your engine coolant up with antifreeze. It becomes diluted over time, as we top up with water, so remember to add some antifreeze this winter, to prevent overheating and engine trouble.

Check Your Wipers

Old, dirty and damaged wipers can do more harm than good. They can cause smears, and spread dirt across your windows. They can make it hard to see and decrease visibility when it’s already bad.

Keep them Clean

It’s so much harder to keep cars and vans clean in the winter when the floor is muddy, and it’s always raining. It’s tempting to let them stay dirty until spring, as it can feel as though you are cleaning them for nothing. But, keep your car clean means that your windows, wipers and light covers will be clean and safe.

Train your Drivers

Even the best drivers can struggle in winter conditions if it’s something that they aren’t used to. Offer your drivers winter driving tips and safety advice to help them.

Pack a Winter Kit

Yes, you are running a business. But, your driver’s safety should be your primary concern. Pack them a winter kit, with a blanket, maps, snacks and water and a torch to keep them safe on the road.

Get Them Serviced

You should be getting all your vehicles serviced every year anyway, but winter is the ideal time to do it. Many of these things will be checked, and any issues will be highlighted.

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