Simple ways to add value to your home

Whether you’re looking to sell your house or are thinking you’ll possibly sell up in the next few years, there’s never really a bad reason for wanting to add value to your house. You may think that the renovations necessary to add value will cost you a fortune, but even things like fixing a roof or adding a party wall from a company like Hamilton Darcey could actually set you back a lot less than you think initially.

In this post, we’re going to share with you some useful tips for simple ways that you can add value to your house without going overboard on the spending front.

Spruce up the garden:

Since the garden is the first thing a potential buyer is likely to see when coming to view your house, it makes sense that this is where they’ll form their initial impression of it, but still many people tend to neglect their garden, or at least not focus on it so much, which is definitely a mistake because keeping a tidy garden and adding some small accessories is actually very cheap and easy to do, yet really makes a big difference when it comes to the value of the house being increased.

A fresh coat of paint:

Paint is such an accessible and affordable product to get, but can make such a huge difference and will basically transform a room simply by adding a new color scheme or even going completely neutral with a white emulsion. If you’re stuck for ideas for what color scheme to go for when painting your house, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and ideas online.

New flooring:

Many people think that new flooring has to cost a fortune, and although it can definitely be pricey, it’s completely possible to find flooring that’s affordable, and in some cases, you can actually grab yourself a complete bargain. Adding new flooring to your house is definitely a big job, especially because you’ll probably need a professional to come in and remove the old stuff before laying the new stuff, but it’s definitely a job worth doing because it will have a huge impact when it comes to adding to the value of your house.

Fix any loose ends:

Oftentimes it’s not actually the big renovations that make the difference, but the small details that you may not notice as much, but that someone else will. Things like freshening up around the edges of the windows, adding some gloss to the skirting around the room, or even things like replacing the taps in the kitchen and bathroom can all make a huge difference when it comes to adding significant value to your house and the good news is, these are all things you can either do yourself or that cost very little to get done quickly by someone else.

So, no matter what your reasons for wanting to add value to your house, we hope that this post has helped you to see that it’s something you can do without having to spend more than you want or need to.

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