Small changes for big benefits

Letting go of how things are normally done can be hard and adapting to a changing business landscape even more so, but if you’ve set your business up from scratch and want to see success now and into the future, this might be exactly what you need to do.

Though the process of change can be difficult it is often worthwhile, not just change for change’s sake but concrete solutions to problems you may have felt were just part of the fabric of your business.  In this article we take a look  at some of the best changes you can incorporate into your business life and their knock-on effects.

Remote working

Chances are that either you or a portion of your workforce already do this but perhaps the arrangement is ad hoc rather than the norm, allowing for medical appointments or for when children are home sick from school.

But the benefit of allowing your workforce to work remotely in a full-time capacity can have some seriously positive advantages. Studies show that the benefit to employees in terms of flexibility helps them to feel that their work/life balance has been given priority and the chance to work around the school run and avoid commuter traffic means they have greater control over their working day. This sense of empowerment has a tangible effect on work ethic and these same studies show that home workers tend to work harder and for longer, music to every manager’s ears.

Besides the improved work output, encouraging home working is going to have an impact on your overheads. Even if you take into account the set-up costs of getting your employees on a Virtual Private Network and paying phone expenses back, compared to the rent and utility bills of an entire office, it’s probably going to come in far cheaper. It might not have been the way you did things but don’t rule it out if you’re looking to motivate your team and reduce costs. The only word of warning we would sound is that sometimes team members can feel isolated without regular interaction with colleagues so regular team video calls or physical meet-ups should be encouraged to counteract any negativity. You should also make clear that company procedures remain unchanged, according to Jozef J Opdeweegh.

Taking a chance

You might have a member of staff in an admin role but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that they have much more to offer and bring some soft skills with them that might seriously help your business. While it’s tempting to make new hires to bridge any skills gaps, taking a chance on someone who doesn’t necessarily believe in themselves can pay dividends.

Don’t be afraid to offer them a position that taxes them, while at the same time building their confidence, you’d be surprised at what investing in your staff can give you back in terms of loyalty and commitment to seeing your business grow.

Taking some chances and rolling with some new ways of working can feel hard but investing in your team and their working practice will earn you loyalty, hard work and ultimately boost business.

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