So you want to open a massage business?

So you want to open a massage business?

Maybe it’s because the meteoric rise in YouTube culture that massage videos are now getting millions of views. On the other hand, it could be because more people are living busier lives than ever before so they want to know what kind of physical therapy is out there. The Swedish massage technique is probably the most widespread because it’s relatively easy to learn and apply, and since it’s purely a shallow level many people find it enjoyable. It’s about right then that more massage businesses are opening up everywhere and if you want to treat it seriously enough, you could start a new career in this field. It’s more than just pushing and pulling, it’s about learning the anatomy of the human body and applying techniques that have a purpose. Creating a great soothing atmosphere for people to come and unwind in, is also crucial to the whole experience you offer.

Dedicated mind and hands

You cannot open up a massage therapy business without the proper certification. In other words, you must be trusted by a board and given professional certification showing that you are licensed to practice massage therapy. This is because you play a hugely important role in the recovery of someone’s health and as such, you need to be trusted. There is a course in Dublin that is considered one of the best in the entire world, and taught at a school founded by Brandon Raynor. This Australian massage expert has given a new meaning to deep tissue massage. His pure dedication to his craft has lead to a large following on social media and his YouTube videos amounting to millions of views. He treats the body as a temple, the strokes and pressure techniques he applies are second to none. Every action he performs on somebody is calculated and backed up by biomechanical study.

A peaceful place

Before you have even decided on purchasing or renting a commercial spot to open up your massage therapy business, consider the atmosphere you want. As with many different massage styles, there are certain decors that fit with those styles. Usually, the interior style of a massage business is inspired by the massage technique. If you’re going to be offering Thai massage, bamboo, incense and small ponds of fish all work well. However if you are offering intense massage, then you may want something that is a little more relaxing such as light blue walls, neutral colored tables and sofa seating. Above all else, it needs to be a place that people can relax in and be consumed by the atmosphere. They are allowing a stranger to touch their body and they will obviously be a bit tense. To calm them down you need a good circulation of fresh air, bright but not glaring lights, and soothing music also.

The massage technique that you offer is going to be the main pull for customers. When they walk through the door to your business, they need to immediately think that you take your career and craft seriously. A good ambiance is just as important as the massage therapy you offer.

Photo by Christin Hume 

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