Stress reducing tips to remember when moving offic...

Stress reducing tips to remember when moving office

There are lots of details to remember when moving office. From making sure that all of your paperwork is in check to packing all of your valuable items carefully, it’s easy to let other tasks slip out of your mind. Moving is often a stressful experience but if you’re prepared, you can turn things around and the whole process will go much more smoothly. Take a look at these tips to remember when moving office so that not only do you not forget anything, but you can begin this new chapter of your business stress-free.

Clear your debts

Beginning the next part of your business in debt is bound to create stress for you and your staff, so now is a better time than ever to clear your debts. Here are some tips on how to efficiently do that:

  • Speak to the companies that you owe about your financial problems. More often than not, you’ll find that they are more than willing to set up payment plans to help you clear your debt.
  • Cut out luxuries like staff meals out, all-inclusive business meetings, and perks that dig into profits. Even if this is only temporary, it will help you clear your debts so that your business can thrive once you’ve moved.
  • Cut back on hours and overtime so that you’re not unnecessarily paying out wages.

Deep clean the property

It’s imperative to give your office a deep clean before moving on, especially if you work in rented property. Leaving your office poorly cleaned will lead to further charges that could, again, leave you in debt. You can hire industrial cleaning services to do the work for you if you don’t have enough time to deep clean your office. You will also find that with having professional cleaners, you’re less likely to have a chunk taken out of your deposit.

Tie up loose ends sooner rather than later

A mistake that many people make when they are moving is leaving things to the last minute. Once you know when you’re moving office, you should begin tying up loose ends. Things like:

  • Informing your internet provider that you’re moving so that they can redirect your services.
  • Asking utilities like electric and gas to provide you with final bills.
  • Having your mail redirected.
  • Letting suppliers know that you’re moving and providing your new address so that business can run smoothly once you’ve moved.

The sooner you begin tying up loose ends, the smoother your move will go.

Consider remote working

Finally, sometimes moving business premises will require your office to be shut for a small amount of time and, of course, this will have a negative impact on your business. Wherever possible, consider remote working so that your staff can still earn money and your business can still tick over.

Using these tips will help your office relocation much easier on everyone involved. Good luck with this new chapter in your business!

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