Taking your life on the road

Today, a lot of people are wanting to embrace the remote working lifestyle and what better way than to experience a sense of freedom than to take your life on the road, in the sense of getting a campervan or perhaps even attempting a campervan conversion.

If you’re looking for a more frugal solution than getting an RV, you could always convert a minibus… in particular, the accessible minibuses for sale can offer a good starting point for a campervan conversion as they tend to be more spacious than the regular minibuses and therefore involve less work in terms of gutting the interior.

Whilst there are many pros to living life on the road there are several things to think about and prepare for, particularly if you are making a living whilst travelling.


If you’re travelling with an expensive laptop, or camera equipment, then security is going to be a primary concern on the basis that campervans are inherently vulnerable to theft – mostly because they are of significant interest to criminals on the basis campervans tend to have a lot more stuff in them than cars.

For this reason, you might want to consider a more covert campervan, that doesn’t scream “tourist” and perhaps looks like a regular van with blacked out windows.  Better still, if you deck it out to look like a vehicle that could be used for police purposes (i.e. an unmarked black or dark blue van with blacked out windows) people will be more reluctant to try their luck than something that looks like it might be for recreational purposes.

In addition to an alarm, one of the most prophylactic measures you can put in place is a decent insurance policy that covers your valuable items, though be sure to take out a specific policy that covers theft from an unattended vehicle as many standard policies will not cover such a high risk.

Wifi & power

If you’re living on the road whilst working remotely, then one of the most important things you’ll need access to is power and a decent WiFi connection.  The last thing you want is to have to keep stopping off at McDonald’s to charge your devices and gain access to WiFi.

For a simple solution, that works just as effectively for shorter trips, where you might just be camping out for a few nights with your car; there are a number of converters you can use that plug into the cigarette lighter and are able to charge laptops and other devices that use a standard plug.  The best advice here, however, is to ensure you only use these when driving as they are quick to drain your battery and could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.


If you’re living life on the road then you’re going to need to be extremely organised in terms of storage space, as with such a limited space everything must have its place, and be easy to access in a sensical way.  One of the best pieces of advice is to utilise the space under your bed by stacking plastic storage boxes underneath it. Sometimes, people will put a mattress low down, thinking they will appreciate the extra headspace, but in reality, this wastes such vital storage space that can make for a much more minimalist and less cluttered energy within your living space.

Where to go

In many ways, the world is your oyster, yet there are certain countries that welcome campervans more than others – for instance, in Scotland, you can literally pull up anywhere and it’s legal for you to stay there for a few nights.  You’ll need to consider the local culture, as some people view the freedom lifestyle you seek as aspirational in nature whilst others view it to be aligned with social depravity.

It’s therefore important to consider your destination wisely, and also to make sure there are places you can park up that don’t cost a fortune, as most campsites are designed for tourists meaning they can become very expensive if you’re having to pay for this each night – indeed, camping fees can mount up to more than your mortgage payments.


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