The business of beer & the recipe for success

The business of beer & the recipe for success

Given that beer is one of the most loved and sought after products on the market, starting a beer company sounds like a brilliant idea. Not only is the market huge, but you’ll get to dedicate your life to creating your new favourite beer – and obviously you’ll need to taste test it too.

Sadly, brewing the perfect lager or pale ale is only one part of the journey. Mastering the business side of the operation is equally – if not even more – crucial for long-term success. Here are three key lessons you need to learn. 

Automation Will Make The Operation Run Smoother 

While there is no doubt that employees are your greatest asset, you should never ignore the need for modern tech. If the brewery is going to become a significant player in the beer market, it will need high production speeds. Moreover, they must be achieved while maintaining great accuracy at all times.

Automated systems ensure that every aspect from brewing to packaging runs smoothly. They also ensure that order fulfilment and other aspects stay under control. Various high-tech systems have been developed. Still, the venture deserves to be powered by specialised brewing software. This is dedicated to the industry that you’re working in, and will guide you to greatness.

 With the right operational facilities in place, the team should work with far greater consistency. Given that you can’t be expected to do everything single-handedly, this is truly vital.

Beers Are Nothing Without Branding

If you truly believe that Carlsberg or Budweiser is the best tasting tipples on the market, you might want to close this window now. But while their tastes may be average at best, they continue to sell by the gallon to millions of punters up and down the country. Why? Because clever marketing strategies have convinced them to.

The choice of beer is an extension of a person. A clever name or iconic packaging can make a telling difference. The Lucky Buddha, for example, is a Chinese beer that sells well primarily due to its bottle. Coming up with an equally cool USP for your brand of beer, even if it’s merely a slogan, can change everything.

This shouldn’t come to the detriment of the taste but is something that can make all the difference. After all, you can’t gain loyal followings if punters don’t try your beer to start with.

The Domestic Market Might Not Be Enough

Given the millions of pints purchased throughout the country every day, you may feel that domestic sales are enough. However, the competition is fierce, especially as getting your beer into Whetherspoons and major chains is very tough. When combined with ingredient costs and other rising expenses, increasing the sales revenue is vital.

International markets can be the game-changer. As such, knowing how to make the most of foreign business meetings should be high on the agenda. Meanwhile, you may wish to consider launching new brands for new markets all under the same umbrella. If it leads to increased revenue and bigger profit margins, it has to be worth it. 

Of course, none of this matters if the drink tastes like dishwater. Combine the right beer with the right business strategy and success is assured. Cheers.

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