The lowdown on price comparison websites

The lowdown on price comparison websites

More and more people are visiting price comparison websites to get the best deals on products and services, such as home and car insurance and credit cards. These websites are designed to provide web users with a guide to the products offered by a host of different providers in order to help them find the best deals. Rather than making several phone calls and jotting down quotes on a notepad, consumers can now access the results they need within seconds via a price comparison website.

Price comparison sites work by gathering information through data feeds, which is then imported by the site and presented to the consumer in the form of search results. When you use a price comparison site, you enter information about the products you’re looking for, and the page will give you access to tailored results that match your chosen criteria. You can then filter your results to find the most suitable products. Comparison sites work best for commodities such as home and vehicle insurance, credit cards and health and dental insurance.

Most people (85%) use price comparison websites to find the best deals, and more than 60% of customers access them to switch provider. Most offer a free service, with the site generating an income through advertising and sponsored listings, but consumers are liable to pay commission. Approximately 10 million people use price comparison sites in the UK alone. If you’re looking to save money, check out this useful infographic for more information before you start your search.

Infographic Created By moneypug

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