This is how to keep your home in tip top condition...

This is how to keep your home in tip top condition – no matter the season!

Home, it is where your heart is, and your family and furniture too. However, keeping your home in excellent condition throughout the year can be something of a challenge. In fact, as the seasons turn there are particular tasks you will need to complete to ensure you keep it in tip-top shape. Luckily, to keep up with all of these tasks, all you need to do is following the seasonal guide below.

Sadly, it’s hard to keep your home immaculate without some work!


Winter, being the coldest season is a time when you want to do as little work to the outside of your home as possible. Not only because you don’t want to spend as much time out in the bad weather, but it can severely hinder your ability to get anything done as well.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still some essential tasks to be done inside the home. One of these is to ensure that your heating system is running efficiently, and it’s not vulnerable to breakdowns, because you don’t want to be left without hot water and heat at the coldest time of the year.

To achieve this you will need to drain your radiators regularly, something can find more about by watching the video below. Just remember to lay an old towel underneath the key and be prepared for all eventualities as some radiators can build up pressure and instead of letting the liquid out gently it can spray all over your room!

Another crucial winter task is to tend to in the colder months is watching out for any leaks in your pipes both indoor and outdoors. Sadly, this is something that can frequently occur because as water in pipes freezes it expands, and this can cause cracks and tears that end up as nasty leaks when the weather warms up.

One way to deal with this to lag your pipes, which means insulating them so no matter how cold it gets, the liquid will stay in the right state. Another method of minimising the risk of any leaks is to keep your heating on a very low level even when it’s not freezing cold. This will then ensure that when the temperature does drop, they won’t freeze and so you should be good throughout the winter months.


Spring the other hand is a fantastic time to get stuff down around the house, especially if the weather is good. In particular, it is a season where people work on their gardens because to have a lush, full garden come summer time you will need to plant flowers in the early spring.

Spring is also associated with a thorough cleaning of the home after the winter, something that can not only encourage you to deep clean areas that don’t usually get much attention but get rid of unnecessary clutter as well. In fact, there is even a whole movement dedicated to this practice that you can follow, just in case you get stuck.

Lastly, spring is also a fantastic time to attend to your air conditioner units, and ensure they are working at full strength for the approaching summer. After all, it’s much better to ensure they are efficient and fault-free before the weather gets unbearably hot.


For many people, summer is a time of vacations, BBQs, and spending as much of the day outside in the garden as possible. However, there are still some essential tasks that need to be completed, even when the sun is shining and the weather hot.

In particular, early summer is an excellent time to attend to any security concerns you have around the home because you will want these sorted before you head off on summer vacation.

This may mean checking locks on door and window and replacing any that have becoming damaged. It is also often a smart idea to install movement sensitive lights on the porch, in the garden and along alleyways that are adjacent to your home. The reason being that many burglaries are done because the opportunity presents itself, something that ensuring your home and surrounding area is well lit can help to prevent.

Of course, there are some higher tech options for security that you may wish to consider as well, including CCTV cameras for both the inside and outside, something that you can monitor from anywhere in the world on your smartphone. You may even want to install ones that have a voice option as well, which can make it seem as if there is someone at home, even if you are out of town.

Sadly, summertime is also often a season where additional problems in the home crop up, including unwanted visitors form of pests. In particular fly infestations in the summer can be not only unpleasant but present a real health risk of you and your family, and so it’s essential to deal with them as soon as they occur.

Happily, you don’t have to do this yourself, because ether are plenty of skilled exterminators who specialise in removing such pests from your home once and for all. Something that can help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible and ensure you enjoy the rest of your summer.


Finally, when it comes to keeping your home in tip-top condition in the autumn, a great deal of the focus needs to be on preparing it to stand the rigours on winter. That mean identifying any drafts or leaks and getting them fixed before the bad weather sets in.

It’s also a great time to complete any jobs that you didn’t get around to doing the rest of the year, such as painting the outside of the house, or small building jobs like putting up walls or steps. Although, it is worth noting that the closer it gets to winter, and the worst the weather, the fewer opportunities there will be to do this.

Lastly, autumn is a great time to take stock of your Christmas decorations and get them organised for the coming festivities. To that end, make sure that in autumn you sort through what you have, and make a note of anything you need, as well as check the bulbs, plugs, and wiring on your lights, so they are safe and-good-to-go when the festive season starts.

In fact, if you do this, and follow the rest of the suggestion above, then you can be sure your home will be in tip-top condition all year round!  

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