Tips to keep startup employees motivated

Tips to keep startup employees motivated

Working in a startup can be tough. Often, everyone has to pitch in and get everything done, even if it’s not really in their job description. Keeping everyone motivated is essential, but your startup doesn’t have a lot of resources to do it. If you’re not sure where to start, try these ideas.

Create Opportunities to Socialize

Feeling like part of a team helps to keep people motivated, but they don’t just want to be together when they’re working. Help your employees to be more social on their breaks and outside of work too. You might treat them to lunch or organize after-work drinks.

Be Open and Transparent

In a startup, it can be important to be more open about the business. Your employees should feel part of the business’s growth because they’re the ones helping it to grow. Be more transparent about the big and small things, and involve them in decision making too.

Create a Fun Work Environment

For many people, one of the advantages of working for a startup is that it can be more relaxed. There’s less of a corporate atmosphere and a smaller team. There are lots of ways to create a fun workplace and relaxed culture to keep your employees motivated.

Offer Share Options

If you don’t have a lot of cash but you want to reward your employees, a share option scheme could work for you. It allows you to share your success with your employees even when you don’t have the money to buy them expensive rewards.

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