Turin City Trip: Grand Hotel Sitea

I spent the first half of my life having to compromise comforts for the ability to travel. My mom took me on a grand tour of Europe’s “finest” youth hostels, but at least we got to see the world while eating bananas and toast for dinner and sleeping in the same room with 12 strangers. The first time I slept in a great hotel, I felt like a princess, and every time since I still haven’t lost that appreciation. Nevertheless, when travel is a major part of your business you also see a lot of different hotels. This means you also get a sense for what you really need to be productive (or relax) during your stay. The magic is usually in the little things, which elevate the experience to amazing.

Business travel has spoiled me a little bit over the years, and I’ve come to value a comfortable home base for my travels. Usually, deciding where to go and then booking the actual trip is closely followed by the “now where are we staying” question. I always try to find a place that is central to where I need/want to be. This time was no different, so after a scan of Google Maps and looking through Grand Hotel Sitea‘s pictures on hotels.com, I made my pick.

While my city trip to Turin was mostly meant to be relaxing, I can’t help but look at a hotel room with the eye of a business traveler.

Reasons I loved this Turin hotel for business travel:hotel in Turin Italy international-plugs-at-grand-hotel-sitea

  •  International plugs. You do not need to bring a plug adapter to run all your electronics. The room is equipped with international plugs, and USB charging ports
  • Comfortable desk and even more comfortable chair. Plenty of space for serious work, blogging, and all your electronics. Yet not too big so work does not dominate the room
  • Great wifi, no login needed so it is frustration free hotel internet!
  • Quiet rooms, almost no traffic outside so no noise issues in the evening
  • Slippers and bathrobes provided. Feels like pure luxury and great for those times you are still working in the evening but want to be comfortable
  • Separate walk-in wardrobe, with lots of hanging space, a safe, and a small fridge.
  • There is a gym, medium sized (for a hotel) and has all essentials
  • Professional and friendly staff. From front desk, to breakfast and cleaning staff. Every single experience was pleasant, which is hard to say in most cases! True Italian hospitality at its finest
  • The complimentary breakfast buffet is massive. It really sets you up for the day, and no matter what you like to have for breakfast, chances are they are serving it. If you love croissants then you can eat your heart out, because this hotel serve 6 different types of croissants at breakfast!


After seeing hundreds of hotel rooms in many countries, I am always amazed when a hotel can surprise me. I was genuinely pleasantly surprised with the international plugs available in the room. Perhaps not shocking to some of you, but you’d be amazed that 80-90% of the hotels I’ve stayed at do not supply this (especially in America) and you have to play musical chairs with your chargers as you rotate through your one or two adapters you have for all your electronics.

Reasons I loved the Sitea for holidays and fun city trips to Turin:Turin Italy grand hotel sitea in turin room and robes

  • Big big big bed
  • One mattress. Not the weird two twin mattresses pushed together. Where, even if you do not travel with a partner, you end up disappearing into the crevice in the middle of the night. Don’t even get me started on how it goes if you do travel with a partner. It is the most unromantic thing that can happen in your hotel room. The Sitea does not have this problem, the bed is great whether you sleep alone or with company
  • Big shower with a rainfall showerhead
  • Good products in the bathroom
  • Quiet room, centrally located close to many squares, restaurants, and things you may want to see in Turin (10min walk from the iconic Mole Antonelliana tower)
  • Elaborate breakfast, included in the price
  • Close to many piazzas, shops, and other tourist attractions in Turin


It was a long weekend of eating brunch every single day. There was no other option, there were too many things to try at breakfast. No matter what your taste, Grand Hotel Sitea has it at breakfast. Even gluten-free options! If you are eating gluten-free there are options for bread, crackers, and sweet bars available. If you do eat gluten, then you can have a plethora of bread options and no less than 6 (!!) types of croissants! On top of the other staples, like fruit, breakfast sausages/eggs, meats and cheeses and desserts.

During my second breakfast I spotted a couple walking into the dining hall holding glasses of sparkling wine. I had not realized sparkling wine was also on the menu, but after a quick browse of the breakfast buffet again, I found the bottle chilling in an ice bucket. From that moment on bubbly and strawberries were my main breakfast. And you know what they say, nothing starts you off right for the day like a great breakfast! However, don’t go too hard on the bubbly because then you may find yourself needing a nap again afterwards.

breakfast-hotel-grand-sitea-turin breakfast-bubbly

Enough about food, all in all I spent about as much time in my hotel room as I did exploring Turin. Which together made for a fun and also restful long weekend. The best part of Grand Hotel Sitea being so central is that we could head back to freshen up before going out again for dinner. Which is never too far away, with the Sitea being so close to major piazzas around the city core. It was the perfect home base for a city trip to Turin.

Tips for your visit

There is a Lidl almost right across from the hotel. This ensured we had some easy and delicious evening snacks in our room.

This is Europe, so do not expect an ice machine in the hallway. But if you go to the hotel bar, you can request a bucket of ice. You end up taking a nice chalice of it to your room, as shown in the picture above! Below, a view of the hotel bar.


Want to enjoy this hotel too?

Grand Hotel Sitea

Via Carlo Alberto 35 10123 Torino, Italy
Tel. + 39 011 51 70 171
E-mail info@grandhotelsitea.it
Web: grandhotelsitea.it/en/


More impressions of the hotel

blogging workspace in hotel

A great workspace for bloggers in my hotel room

Complimentary water bottle on each side of the bed. It is a lovely touch. I hate it when hotels charge exorbitant amounts for the bottle of water provided in the room. At Sitea, the water is free. Refreshing!

Complimentary water bottle on each side of the bed. It is a lovely touch. I hate it when hotels charge exorbitant amounts for the bottle of water provided in the room. At Sitea, the water is free. Refreshing!

img_3944-grand-hotel-sitea-bathroom img_3959-copy

The bathroom is spacious and the products are very nice.

The bathroom is spacious and the products are very nice.


Functional and spacious gym in the basement of the Grand Sitea hotel. Large selection of free weights, and machines

Functional and spacious gym in the basement of the Grand Sitea hotel. Large selection of free weights, and machines. It is a little dark, but being in the basement and with AC on, it is at least very cool. A nice touch are the free apples and water bottles provided too. Pop down for a refreshing snack if you need one!

walk in closet at hotel grand sitea in turin

Walk-in wardrobe with plenty of hanging space for suits and dresses. The fridge and safe complete this area. It also keeps your suitcases out of the room, which is nice!


A comfortable bed, fluffy robes and slippers. The combination makes for a comfortable stay and the latter two are an unusual luxury these days!

a good nights sleep at this Turino hotel


Christine Buske is a former academic who left science at the bench, and now considers herself a woman in tech. She is a frequently invited speaker, and enjoys talking about career transformation (particularly leaving academia for the business world), tech, issues around women in tech, product management, agile, and outreach. She is a proud Canadian resident, and qualifies as a "serial expat".


  1. David

    1 September

    this is exciting, I am going to Turin next month and was thinking I should book something soon. I hate looking for places to stay though because I end of doing hours of research and comparing prices and pictures and locations. If this place is close enough to the office I am visiting, then I am definitely going for it.

    • Christine Buske

      2 September

      that’s awesome! glad to hear it. Also, I didn’t put this in the article but I may update it: there is a bus from the airport that goes into the city. The last stop is only a 8-10min walk away from this hotel. Which is really convenient! One way I think was only about EUR 6.

  2. Carmen

    14 September

    Sparkling wine at breakfast? you got me at that… if I go to Turin I already know where I am staying. although I then wonder whether this would fit my budget, because it looks very very nice.

    • Christine Buske

      19 September

      It’s not bad actually. It is within the same price range as other hotels (mid range). The extra touches make it feel like it is far more costly than it really is.

  3. PB

    17 September

    I love hotels that still give robes. Such a relatively small thing to do, but makes such a difference. Slippers are awesome too but maybe a bit wasteful when they end up being thrown out after each guest. but yeah, in terms of feeling luxurious it definitely sets a hotel apart from others. thanks for taking the time to write this up! it’s nice to find a gem you can really fall in love with when you travel.

    • Christine Buske

      19 September

      same here 🙂 I always look for that unique touch that sets a hotel apart. Sometimes you can find that in chains, but I do prefer boutique hotels for this reason.

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