Me, a Fashion Blogger? Maybe, when fashion meets t...

Me, a Fashion Blogger? Maybe, when fashion meets tech

For about 4 years now I’ve been saying I need a “Power Purse”. In my mind, it is a bag you can take with you anywhere, slap it on the table before a meeting and really show you mean business. So far, I’ve seen plenty of contenders for the title, and a spot in my wardrobe, but the one that look like they fit the bill are usually more than a grand. And that’s for a small clutch that hardly communicates what it is meant to.

In all seriousness, I’ve said that I need a power purse, and jokingly added the explanation about it conveying a certain message in business meetings, but in reality I need something that just doesn’t make me look like a student. I believe that if you want to be taken seriously, you have to dress the part. When I worked in research I got away with wearing nearly anything, chances were I’d be wearing a lab coat over it anyways. In the private sector, I’ve worked in software development and if my team wore clean t-shirts that were not horribly worn, it was a good day. Those days have now changed again (post coming soon!), and it is more important than it ever was before in my career to not only be organized, but also look dignified.

I am not a fashion blogger. That’s an area reserved for people out there who care more about color than I do (red and black are my staples), and who are able to flawlessly pair a fancy jacket with a casual pair of ripped jeans. I’m just not that person. So it takes a lot for me to write about anything that could come close to being considered a leap into fashion. When I buy clothes or accessories, I do it with longevity in mind. Some might call my style ‘classic’ for that reason. I can get away writing about my new favourite accessory because it really spans across both fashion and tech!

When I came across the Knomo Electronista, I knew I had found my ‘Power Purse’, but for more reasons than the one I was looking for. The obvious reason I’ve already explained above; I’ve been looking for something that is classy, means business and makes me look like an adult who can be taken seriously in a business meeting. What I never anticipated finding, was a purse that would do all the above, and also power up my tech… and that’s why this is not a fashion blog post!

The Knomo Electronista ‘unfolded’, the silver battery pack comes included, as well as the detachable coin purse.

This is a fully powered up bag, with a 5000mAh battery pack and micro USB charging cable included, and they sit in their own little space in the bag. It has lots of pockets, and a detachable coin purse, for all that loose change (although I admit I’ve been throwing my change in the front zipper pocket as well for even easier access).

A world traveling bag

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in three major cities already just this past month. Going from training to business meeting, to airport, to client meeting, to dinner out with friends. From London to San Francisco, to Toronto, then back to London all within just two weeks.

My one day off while in San Francisco, I went around town sightseeing a bit and came across an alley with amazing wall art.

A day off in San Francisco meant I ditched the iPad and took a good book instead to keep me company on a patio. This bag even has enough space for the little travel bunny to come along.

Back in Toronto, a gin cocktail after work on a patio. Well deserved after a long day of meetings and running around the city. The Knomo Electronista proved to fit perfectly from daytime to evening, from meeting with my lawyer to sitting out on a patio.

From business meeting to evening cocktails

It’s not polite to take pictures during meetings, but trust me when I say that there is nothing better than getting right down to business instead of rummaging around your bag for the items you need. In Toronto particularly I had a few meetings with my lawyer that are always critical for time, and having a dedicated section for paperwork, a dedicated section for my iPad, stylus, and ID just made everything a lot faster than it usually is. The old me would carry around a giant bag (typically my laptop bag), also with its fair share of sections but not quite enough to keep things organized. A phenomenal benefit of this bag in particular is that it unzips completely, so you can literally fold your bag open entirely and have full view of all its contents.

Does this make me a fashion blogger?

I am still not a fashion blogger. But I care about great design. I write about tech, and travel, whenever I get a chance. Combine tech with great design, and something that has become a must-have travel accessory and I will write about it. So here we are, the bag I’ve been waiting to find in the last 4 years has pushed me to actually pose for a minute as if I were a fashion blogger. Just before getting back to business, of course!

Back in London after my North American travels, getting ready to jet off to my next meeting.

What makes the Knomo Electronista Awesome!

  • 5000mAh battery and micro USB charging cable are included and better yet, have their own dedicated spot so you never lose them.
  • It unzips on the sides, so you can ‘unfold’ your purse, for easy access to everything. Never lose anything ever again in your bag, just pop it open for a full view of all the pockets, and all the contents.
  • Detachable strap, makes this go from a cross body bag to a clutch. From daytime to evening or visa versa.
  • Your tablet (up to 10″) fits in its own padded compartment.
  • Detachable coin purse, because sometimes we just can’t get rid of the change. But when you don’t want to carry a load of coins, leave the separate coin purse at home.
  • Register your bag with Knomo ID, if it gets lost a good samaritan can return it to you through the Knomo portal.
  • A pen holder, for a stylus or pen,.. whatever your note taking style is.
  • A zipped mesh section for charging cables, make-up, or other little things you need to keep close.
  • Plenty of pockets and sections that fit the important things in life: passports, money, and bank cards. Everything has a home, so it’s the end of rummaging through your bag endlessly to find that one thing you need right now! 

Christine Buske is a former academic who left science at the bench, and now considers herself a woman in tech. She is a frequently invited speaker, and enjoys talking about career transformation (particularly leaving academia for the business world), tech, issues around women in tech, product management, agile, and outreach. She is a proud Canadian resident, and qualifies as a "serial expat".


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