Up the ante with your Microsoft skills this year

Up the ante with your Microsoft skills this year

When using tools for Microsoft such as word and excel you can be left with many different skills to learn. These are tools that we all grow up using every single day, but you would be surprised how little we actually know about these applications. Here are some helpful tips to make you stand out from the crowd this year.


When you are working on excel you might want to take a course such as with Wise Owl Training to really help you nail those complicated formulas and understand everything which needs to be added into your spreadsheet. One simple tip which can save you lots of time when creating a spreadsheet and analysing it is the filter tool. Looking for one person in a sea of names? Use filter! It can save time and make your life much easier.

Autofill Formulas

When you are making formulas for your spreadsheets it can be a little bit daunting to say the least. When typing out a formula, if you get so much as a comma out of place you can suffer from an error and the whole thing has to start again. You can think about using autofill to make your life easier and it will ensure that the formula comes out the way you intended it to.

Use Templates

When on word or excel and you aren’t sure where you start, you can use the handy templates which are provided for you by Microsoft. Need to make a flyer? A resume? A shopping list? You can make a ton of different types of content with ease and this will also help everything look cleaner and more professional.

Headers And Footers

When you are working on a document on word, it can be helpful for you to add on some chapter names, page numbers and any other information such as the date on the page. You can do this by creating a header and a footer on your page which will allow you to add whatever you like on the page and this will copy to every page that you write. This means you can have a more professional and organised file at your fingertips in seconds.

Use Your Thesaurus

When you are writing an important letter or working on a novel, the last thing you want to do is keep repeating yourself over and over again with the same word. You can use a thesaurus by highlighting the word and clicking on tools, and you will be faced with a list of synonyms which will help you to sound smarter, more refined and give you an edge over other content creators. However, don’t make the mistake of using this on every single word because it won’t make any sense at all! You will just seem like you are trying too hard and this won’t come off well with whoever reads your work. Keep it simple and use it sparingly, when you need it.

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