What do focus on when moving office space

What do focus on when moving office space

Running a successful business can be hard without the hassle of having to move offices. In business, anything can come up causing you to have to move your office space. The building could be sold if rented, it could be dangerous to stay in or you need to upsize. Although it is a stressful time for any business especially if there is any downtime as a consequence of it. To help the relocation run as smooth as possible follow these tips below.

Move over all your suppliers

It is important to make your suppliers of energy, wifi, and telephone aware of the impending move. If you leave it to late then you may come across complications like the suppliers not covering your new office space this then will lead to potential downtime and a loss of money so it is crucial to moving everything over to the new place. You don’t have to have it switched on at the new place straight away but you can contact them to change all the address details and give them the date to switch it over so you don’t have any issues when the move happens.

Move your equipment

The crucial thing is having all your equipment moved over to the new place. Finding a company to do the removal is crucial early on to make sure you have enough notice to get everything ready to go. If you are moving early and you have to move everything before the new space is ready then you can find a pickup and store service which will have them remove all the equipment and store it for you. This helps if you need to keep it safe and secure while you wait for the new place to be ready and they can then help you move it on to the new place once it is ready. Make sure you find a van the is the right size as it will make it easier and quicker to move the equipment, it also will help if you have large equipment that will need moving. Also, make sure you get someone that is reputable to do the move as it is most likely a lot of expensive equipment and the downtime from replacing equipment will lose you money in the long run as well.

Make sure your new place is ready

Before you move into the new office you need to make sure it is checked so that it is deemed safe to move into and it is ready to work in. The last thing you want is to get there and it isn’t ready for you to work out of then leading to unnecessary downtime for your business. Things like telephone cables and plug sockets need to be set up so your equipment can all be connected up correctly and any internet need to be set up correctly to make sure you can start working again as soon as possible. Also having it safety checked is key to make sure you meet regulations and the place is safe to work in.

Running your own business means that any money you make is to keep that business going and pay your staff so when you need to move office that downtime can cause havoc. This means you need to make sure the move is a smooth as possible, by following these tips that will make sure your move is as quick and efficient as possible and with as little downtime as possible.

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