What makes a good company vehicle?

Choosing a vehicle for your business? A company vehicle is very different to a personal vehicle and you need to be certain that it’s appropriate for business use. Here are just a few factors to consider when choosing the ultimate vehicle.


It’s important that your company vehicle is kept in good condition for the sake of your reputation. If your vehicle has bumps and scratches or hasn’t been cleaned, it could suggest to clients that you’re careless. Try to choose a vehicle that hasn’t got any previous damage and keep on top cleaning (it could be worth paying to get your vehicle professionally cleaned every so often).


If you’re going to be transporting tools, you’ll need a vehicle which has lots of space. Vans are popular because they offer lots of storage space. Alternatively, you could always invest in a trailer and some trailer accessories to give you some added storage space. Meanwhile, some companies may need a vehicle with passenger space – if you have to pick up or transport clients, you want them to have enough legroom so that they feel comfortable.


It’s also important to have a reliable vehicle – you don’t want to be delayed by faults that could affect your company reputation. When researching into vehicles, read reviews to get an idea of how reliable certain models are. If you’re buying a used vehicle, check it’s driving history and check that it hasn’t had too many faults in the past.

Running costs

Running costs are also an important factor. Business vehicle insurance tends to be higher than regular insurance and it can be a big cost for some businesses – when looking into car models, check how much they cost to insure. It’s worth also looking into the fuel economy – especially if you’re going to be doing lots of long trips in your vehicle. Choosing a car that is fuel efficient could also be good for your business image by helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. Electric vehicles tend to be popular for this reason, however these aren’t likely to be practical for businesses that need to take long journeys given that electric vehicles can only travel so far on one charge.


You may want to consider adding some branding to your vehicle. Vinyl wrapping is the most popular form of vehicle branding because it isn’t permanent, making it suitable for leased cars. You can also consider adding roof signage as an extra way of displaying your brand – this is a popular form of branding amongst delivery companies, taxi companies and driving instructors.

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