Why green is a great colour, for business

Why green is a great colour, for business

The term “woke” can cause a lot of eyeballs to roll these days. But while it may have unfortunate connotations, there’s no denying that we live in an age where the general populace is more informed, more aware, and more vociferous in their opinions. Not only that, they now have a bigger platform than ever with which to voice them. As such, when it comes to the environment, we can no longer turn a blind eye to the impact our actions have on the planet we live on. This goes for consumers (we all have to think a little harder about the sustainability of the products we buy) but it goes double for businesses. Whatever industry you occupy, whatever your core consumer base, green is a great colour on your business, and it behoves you to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of doing what you do.

Here we’ll look at the reasons why, if it hasn’t already, your business should look into adopting more sustainable practices.

It’s great PR

Finding a greener way of operating has great PR value. Putting your green credentials at the forefront of your branding makes you much more appealing to ethically conscious consumers, and give you a leading edge over your competitors. Indeed, studies show that the majority of consumers prefer sustainable brands. It’s likely that going forward, a sustainable focus will no longer be considered a novelty, but a necessity. The last thing you want is to find your business lagging behind its competitors.

It’s easy and cost effective

While there are certainly some green measures you could put in place to make your operation greener, often going greener is easy and surprisingly cost effective. If you have the budget to invest in generating your own renewable energy, great! You’ll reap the benefits for years to come. If not, there are still a multitude of ways in which you can adopt greener practices. Construction firms can buy concrete from green vendors, offices can go paperless and recycle their e-waste, restaurants can offer more vegetarian and vegan options which have a lower carbon and water footprint.

Whatever you do, there’s a cheap and easy way to find a greener way to do it.

It has tax advantages

Governments around the world are invested in incentivising businesses to adopt greener practices. As such, businesses may find that they are eligible for tax breaks if they find greener ways of operating.

Take a look at your local government website and see what incentives are offered at a national or state level.

You’ll know that your business is making a difference

Finally, when you adopt more sustainable business practices, you can sleep at night knowing that your brand is making a difference. You are one of many businesses around the world who are driving change and transforming the ways in which businesses operate.

The work you put in now will take us all one step closer to a brighter, cleaner, happier and more sustainable future.

Future generations will thank you for it!

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