4 Signs you are on the wrong career path

4 Signs you are on the wrong career path

After working towards your career for years, you might assume the last thing you want to do is jump ship and start on a different career path. However, for some of us, it is something we might want to consider.

We have highlighted possible signs of being on the wrong career path below. If any of them relate to you, then you might want to decide on a new career. After all, why prolong the agony of being on the wrong path any longer, when you might have scope for better personal and material fulfilment elsewhere!

#1: You know you aren’t earning enough

When reflecting on your income at the end of the financial year, consider your financial position. Are you earning enough to live the life you want? If you are struggling to make ends meet, or if you don’t have the capacity to put more money into your savings and retirement funds, then you might want to make a move. You could do this while still on your career path – if you are enjoying your job, there may be opportunities for promotion to elevate your riches – but if there is nowhere else to go but staying in one place or moving sideways, then it is worth considering those higher paying careers that will improve your financial situation.

#2: You have lost your passion

We don’t all feel excited at the prospect of going to work in the morning, but generally speaking, if you have lost passion for the career you are on, then it might be time to step out of Dullsville and onto a more rewarding career path. Think about the things that excite you, and then consider the corresponding job roles that might get you out of bed in the morning. Research them online and speak to others within those industries. If any potential career stirs something inside you, then perhaps it’s time to do what is necessary to make that move into greater fulfilment.

#3: You are green with envy

Are you jealous of the careers other people are on? If you have friends and family members who show more enthusiasm for the career paths they are on than you do, then you might well be green with envy. You might envy their salaries, their job descriptions, or the flexible hours they are on, as examples. While the grass isn’t always greener on the other side – we should never assume other people’s lives are better than ours – if there are genuine reasons as to why somebody else does have a more fulfilling career than your own, and you want a piece of it, then speak to the people you are envious of, and ask for their advice in moving forward.

#4: You are suffering from ill-health

Are you suffering from stress? Are you feeling the signs of burnout? Do you feel ill at the thought of going into work? If so, you need to do something about the problem. A career change might not necessarily be in order. You might need to make some adjustments to ease the way you feel, such as reducing your workload if your boss allows it, or taking a holiday. But if you are constantly feeling stressed, and going into work offers you no pleasure at all, then you might want to move into a career that poses less danger to your mental health.

And so…

Do any of the highlighted signs relate to you? If so, consider your position and think about a change. Life is too short to be in a career that barely benefits you, so take the necessary steps to move onto the right career path for you. Greater happiness, riches, and job satisfaction might await you if you do.

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