Easy ways to ruin your business website

Easy ways to ruin your business website

Whatever the size, shape, or purpose of your business, you need a site to match. This acts as your 24/7 storefront, allowing customers and clients to find your business no matter the time or day. It also allows you to interact with these people, share your content, sell your products or services, and market your company. That being said, simply having a business website is not enough. You need to have a great one. With that in mind, here are six easy ways you can ruin your website.

Play Annoying Background Music

Having music playing in the background of websites used to be a common practice. It’s really a thing of the 90s and it should stay firmly in the past! These days, it’s outdated, not to mention annoying. You might think that auto-playing music on your website will capture the attention of more visitors, but the more likely result is that you’ll chase them away. Music can also slow down your site, which will harm user experience further.

Clutter The Home Page

Few things make visitors leave sites quicker than a cluttered home page. While it can be tempting to offer up as much information as you can on your brand right away, this makes navigation difficult. Many visitors would rather go to a different site than try to find their way around yours. To remedy this, you should add categories and break up text with whitespace.

Overlook The Mobile Users

Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices make searching the web incredibly easy these days. If you overlook those that use this technology, then you risk alienating a lot of potential customers. For this reason, you should work with experts, like Cloudyne, to improve your mobile responsiveness. This allows those on phones and tablets to navigate your site with ease.

Never Update Any Information

When people visit your site, they want to see the latest information. This means contact details that actually work, as well as content from days or weeks ago, rather than months or years. If you don’t provide this information, then it can ruin their trust in you, giving your business a bad image. Because of this, you need to update the information on your site on a regular basis.

Believe SEO Is Dead

Unless someone is searching for your website specifically, they will likely find it by looking up terms related to your business. If you don’t pop up in the first few search results, then they’re just not going to find you. This is why you need to improve your SEO. Contrary to popular belief, this does work and is still as relevant and crucial today as it ever has been, so don’t avoid the task.

Forget About Social Media

After putting effort into building a social media presence, you need to make sure that you link to your pages on your website. This allows visitors and potential customers to learn a little bit more about your business and contact you more easily. You should also link to your site and share your content on your social media platforms so that your followers know that it exists.

A website can be a major asset to your business. Just make sure that you don’t make any of the mistakes listed above.

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