5 Tips for visiting Machu Picchu

5 Tips for visiting Machu Picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru is a trip of a lifetime, and one high on my bucket list. Machu Picchu is one of the greatest archeological sites in all of the world. It is made up of palaces and plazas dating back hundreds of years to the urban Inca Empire. Because there is so much to see and understand about Machu Picchu, it can be easiest to take a tour of the area. Be sure to check out Kandoo Adventures as they offer a brilliant experience for all. I’ve done some research of my own that I want to share, in case you are planning your trip there and need some tips to help you in the process.


  • Choose a good season to visit. You will want to pay attention to the seasons so that you visit during their dry months. May through October is considered to be the dry season however that means it is also peak season and therefore you can expect crowds and higher prices. If you go in the off season, you will experience less crowds and better prices, but a significant amount of rain.


  • Tickets and park passes. Often times you will need your passport to purchase tickets as well as to enter the park. It is important that you have purchased your tickets to all the experiences that you want to partake in before you get there. Many will buy their tickets before they arrive in Cusco so that they are prepared. It would be a disappointment to get to Machu Picchu and not be prepared.


  • Tour by guide or on your own. If you are not one to enjoy going on a tour with a group of people, you are more than welcome to explore Machu Picchu on your own. With that said however, there are no signs that explain what you are looking at what the particular buildings were used for. People tend to say that by hiring a guide, they make the experience come alive for you. If you have a keen interest in learning a great deal about this area of the world, it is best to experience it with a guide.


  • Sacred Valley is a must see. This area is full of locals, fresh air markets, and beautiful sites. Be sure to spend some time in the Sacred Valley so that you can experience more than just visiting the ruins. There are many ways that you can explore the valley; by bike, hiking, or on horseback.


Altitude. The altitude is very high and this can catch people off guard. It is highly advised that you stay in the neighbouring city of Cusco for a few days prior to visiting Machu Picchu, as this can help you get used to the height and cut down on the adverse effects of the change in altitude. There is much to see around Cusco such as Inca ruins that are nearby, or small villages that still exist today. Be sure to pay attention to your body and how you are feeling. If you need to take a break, allow yourself to do so. It is also important to stay properly hydrated while on your trip so be sure to drink plenty of water.

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