The top 10 places to backpack on vacation

The top 10 places to backpack on vacation

Backpack vacations are currently on everybody’s bucket list because they offer adventure and a great time. It is a vacation that will allow us to experience a unique adventure by being alone, with minimal things and on a tight budget. While these three things may seem discouraging at first, it will eventually allow us to realize and experience new things, meet new people, learn new life hacks and more. For backpackers, there is always a new thing to learn at every place they visit. However, today as backpackers are getting more famous, they are now being targeted by some people who want to take advantage of what little they have or even just mess with them. That is why TravelFreak, a very popular traveling site have listed their top 10 places for backpack vacations. Take note, that these places don’t guarantee complete safety for your vacation. They are simply places that a lot of backpackers have agreed upon and would like to recommend to others.

1. Nepal

A very popular backpacking site for all backpackers around the world is Nepal. Ever since the earthquake in 2015 who significantly damaged some of the country’s beautiful places and cities, the government and people have been working very hard in restoring their beauty and promoting their tourism.

Nepal is very famous worldwide as the home of the tallest mountain, Mount Everest. It also a border country of different major cultures in China and India. However, surprisingly, it has managed to retain its own identity and culture which backpackers will surely enjoy.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia being an archipelago with thousands of islands automatically makes it as a top destination for backpackers. The food and culture are very attractive to tourists and backpackers alike. With thousands of islands at its disposal, backpackers will surely have a blast jumping from one island to another.

3. Greece

Greece is definitely a must visit for backpackers. Who wouldn’t want to visit one of the most dominant civilizations in the history right? Not to mention the ever famous Olympian Gods with their temples, although some of them are already in ruins, they are still a sight to behold. There is also Santorini, which is arguably one of the most romantic places in the world.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul is the modern Constantinople, enough said. Backpackers will surely be amazed how Asian and European culture, architecture and people mix well in this city.

5. Italy

If you are going somewhere in Europe, you must definitely not forget Italy with its very beautiful and preserved cities in Venice, Rome or even Naples.

6. South Korea

Korean culture has taken the world by storm, that itself is worthy reason for backpackers to visit the country and discover the reason themselves. The people are very friendly and many can speak English.

7. Philippines

Home of just not 1 but several best beaches in the world. Boracay and Palawan have been a staple place for tourists and backpackers. There are also equally beautiful natures in La Union and Siargao which will definitely make backpackers stay.

8. Thailand

Arguably the best country with the best street foods. Thailand is a bustling country filled with friendly and accommodating people. Backpackers will be amazed by a number of people willing to accommodate backpackers.

9. Peru

The ruins and trails of the ancient civilizations, Mayans, and Inca are top choices for backpackers. The weather and people are also good. There are also undiscovered beaches and ruins up for adventurous backpackers to explore.

10. Honduras

Honduras is a famous place for backpackers who not just want to explore mountains and cities but also the sea as well. Backpackers will surely enjoy the diverse marine life as they dive in the country’s beaches and reefs.


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