Being smarter with your online advertising

Being smarter with your online advertising

Online advertising has changed the playing field for many businesses. Yes, big businesses are still able to benefit as a result of large budgets, but the good news is that small businesses can benefit too.

You can achieve some great results from your online advertising, but are there ways you can boost your efforts further? Discover smarter ways of using online advertising to benefit your business.

Be more precise with Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising has been a complete game changer for many businesses. Allowing you to create targets according to a budget that you decide, it’s helping small and local businesses to thrive. Are you using its targeting features to your advantage? Medium’s Facebook Ad Targeting Options infographic gives you a great overview of all of your different options to make sure you’re targeting the right people. With split testing and other cool features, it’s worth exploring all of the different options that Facebook offers.

Automate your Google Ads

Using Google Ads can bring excellent results for your business, but it can be a lot of work to get things moving. Using automated rules can help you manage your marketing campaigns easily in the background, while you focus on more important things. Read more about Google Ads automation to help you identify ways you can use it for your digital advertising. Ideal for businesses without their own marketing department, it can be a huge time and money saver.

Be cleverer with your campaigns

Marketing trends are constantly emerging, and just because something worked a year or so ago, doesn’t mean that it’s still relevant today. People are online so much that they quickly get bored of seeing the same thing, which makes switching up your digital campaigns important. Last year, Nielsen published an interesting article on why advertisers need to be smarter on digital to reach women, with a lot of takeaways which can be applied to various sectors. Start thinking smarter about your creative campaigns, helping to develop connections to your audience based on the things they care about at this moment in time. It’s worth doing the upfront research to save you wasting time and money further down the line.

Skip it altogether

Perhaps a controversial point, but have you considered skipping online advertising altogether? Tech users are extremely savvy, and an easily tell when an advert is being targeted that way. Just as they do with TV commercials, they’ll soon find a way to skip past. Why not get ahead of the game and put your budget into creating better online content instead? With some extra money behind your creative, you can generate the engaging ideas that lead to success.

Adapting your approach to online advertising can help you to grow your business, while also making the most of the time and budgets that you have. Get smarter, bolder, more up-to-date with your online advertising and see the results appear before your very eyes. However, here’s no magic to it, you just need to maximize your efforts.

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