First on the scene – are your employees trai...

First on the scene – are your employees trained in first aid?

In the UK alone, 100 people out of 100,000 were killed due to work related injuries. There are so many ways that a normal day at work can turn into something very frightening and medically alarming. Health and safety wise, the professional has moved on quite rapidly and made some huge changes for the better since the turn of the millennium. There’s no longer a lackadaisical approach to employee safety. It isn’t just because injured workers are pretty much useless workers since they can’t work anymore, but it’s also a psychological aspect. If you show your employees shows they don’t care about your working conditions, are you more likely to put in an extra hour at the boss’ request on a Friday? But if you show you do care, and also more importantly that you’re ready for situations where employees are hurt, workers begin to feel more loyal. The way to implement this broadly is to train employees in first aid.

What is the purpose?
It’s understandable if a small business doesn’t want to spend a lot of money in training its employees in the basics of first aid; at least on the surface. It is costly and potentially will never be needed by anyone who works for you. It’s rare for serious injuries to happen whereby immediate care is required of someone because they are unconscious or losing a lot of blood. However, the reasons for training your employees in first aid far outweigh the reasons not to. For one, you may avoid a needless death at your place of work. Second, you may also avoid a costly lawsuit because there was someone who offered assistance to the injured and your insistence of the training will work in your favor should you go to court. You don’t want a bad reputation that you take health and safety as an afterthought, so do the exact opposite.

Always go to specialists

There are lots of different first aid courses you can learn. However don’t mix up a local A&E course that is open for everyone with a first aid course designed for the professional world. The former is for civilian use, the latter will be designed for people who work in factories, facilities and offices. Gas pipes, water pipes and various other machines will be taken into consideration with regards to dangers and potential injury types. A company like Apple Group offers something that is more for the corporate side of first aid care. The emergency course they offer treatment to bleeding, burn wounds, crushed limbs, and heavy impact trauma to name a few. They will also teach you how to combat shock as this is something that is more probable to occur in danger jobs. Bruises, cuts and grazes will also be included in the course with regards to how you can stop the wound from getting infected.

Specialists who train the corporate world in first aid will be more suitable for your small business than a local hospital course. Both have good principles but the dangers of professional working environment and physical labor are taken into account more in a specialist course.

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