Creating a strong team

Your team of employees probably isn’t strong at the minute. Your team of employees might feel like a slave to the system, and we get why they would. Unless they by some miracle, make it up to a management level, then it’s so easy for them to be pushed to the bottom of the pile. A strong team of employees is the key to a company’s future however, and just a little bit of invested effort can make all the difference. We get that your focus might be elsewhere in your company, but are you really so busy that you can’t spend a few minutes focusing on your employees progression and happiness, rather than the money you’re making? We think not! Plus, you don’t have to jump through hoops to achieve a strong team, and nor do they for you. If you follow the simple tips below, we think you’ll hold to key to a happy and successful company through your employees!

One on One Meetings

One to one meetings are so important if you want to be able to keep up to date with how your employees are actually doing. Don’t feel as though you have a day spare to dedicate to this, have one of your managers do it. If you don’t have any managers, then you’re going to have to find the time over a course of a few days to sit down with the employees that you do have, and find out how they’re getting on. This only needs to be done once a month, and you don’t need to mention anything to do with their progression or performance. If you start bringing in the facts into things, it can turn into a rather intimidating meeting, rather than one that could so easily be lighthearted. All you need to do in these meetings is ask them how they are, if they have any personal issues they’d like to discuss, and how they’re feeling within the company. Those three questions alone will allow your employees to feel valued more than most companies ever would. Keep the meetings completely confidential, and your employees will feel as though they can come to you with any issue they have!

Progression Management

How do you imagine that you would build a strong team of employees if you’re not monitoring their progression. Or, even better, if you aren’t giving them a way to manage their own progression. It’s a mistake that so many companies make, but a few months down the line that same company will wonder why a employee hasn’t learnt anything new, or isn’t moving forward. You can now get performance engagement with okr software that will allow your employees to set achievable objectives, give them and you an area to manage it, and allow you both to see what you could be doing better. Your employees could have a number of objectives that they want to complete, and having software available for them to monitor it is going to be so much better! You could also call separate meetings than the personal ones that we recommended you set up, which will allow you to ask questions about how the employee thinks their progressing, and compare it to how you think they are. You can then come up with a sort of game plan to help them move forward.

Friendly Basis

We really do think that it’s so important to build yourself a strong team of employees by just simply being friendly with them, and allowing them to make friends with each other. So many companies try and restrict this vital aspect of a role, meaning employees are forced into a more regimented routine. If they’re working alongside people they class as friends, their happiness is going to be higher, and you’ll actually find they’ll be so much more motivated to work! The same goes for how you are with them. You need to make sure you’re not seen as this evil boss, and instead as someone who can have a laugh and a joke with their employees!

Ask For Opinions

It’s always good to ask for the opinions of your employees, it helps to make them feel so much more valued. The more valued they feel, the stronger they’re going to be as employees. Ask for their opinions on the way that shift is ran, the way management deals with situations, their pay, their benefits etc. Anything that is going to change their happiness within the company, you should ask about!

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