Tips for becoming an employer for the first time

Tips for becoming an employer for the first time

So the time has come within your business to begin hiring members of staff to help grow and further your business in every way possible? If you haven’t been an employer before, it can strike a large amount of panic, even in the most calm and composed person because you need to ensure that you’re going to be employing the right kind of person for the job. So how do you beat the panic and confusion when it comes to becoming an employer for the first time? Check out these tips on how you can handle the ordeals that are coming your way.

Dress as you’d want them to dress

A really bad mistake to make when interviewing people for the job is by not dressing for the job in hand. This can send off mixed signals to your potential employees and leave them wondering on what should be worn in the workplace. Dress how you would expect your staff members to dress. So if you’re say, a head chef of a busy restaurant, make sure that you’re interviewing people in your whites so that they can get their work outfits ready if they choose to accept your job offers.

Don’t just post job adverts, look for the people you ideally want

When you think of getting a new job, it’s likely that you think of jobs listed in local newspapers and online too. While these are methods that work very well for many businesses, it’s also a wise idea to have an idea of the kind of people that you want for the job. Rather than waiting for people to apply to your job, why not search for your perfect candidates so that you can approach them instead? Pure staff gives you the chance to do either, and they have branches all over the country, so why not take advantage of this amazing service?

Be clever with your questions rather than awkward

As you’re probably already aware, interviews are nerve wracking, and not just for the person being interviewed either! You will often find that some questions you’re asked are nothing to do with the job at hand and vice versa. Try and be clever about the questions that you’re asking so that you’re still able to find out if they’re right for the job and also get to know them a little before any decision is made. Keep the conversation friendly but professional, and remember to allow your interviewees to take their time and sell themselves to you. Don’t let nerves get in the way of the chance of a fantastic member of staff!

Find a calm and peaceful room to host your interview

Finally, one of the worst things to do in the interviewing process is hosting it in a tiny room with no natural light, or even hosting it in a room that’s busy. Give yourself and your interviewee a chance to get to know each other by finding a calm and peaceful room to conduct your interview in so that you can rest assured that they person you’re hiring is the right one for the job!

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