Finding and creating the ideal business location: ...

Finding and creating the ideal business location: the tips to help you do it

Starting your own business can be a scary prospect for many, and I understand that any entrepreneur wants to get things right first time. Having your idea is one thing, getting the investment and bringing it to life is often the next step to take, and choosing the right business location can be a difficult step to follow through with. Many businesses start from home, but if you have already outgrown that, or simply feel it isn’t the right move to  make, you may find yourself at a crossroads on how you find the perfect business location for you and your vision. I wanted to share with you some of the things you could consider.

Choosing the location carefully

One of the biggest decision you need to make is the location of your business and where it might be best to locate to. If you are wanting to actually do business from it, such as having a retail outlet or shop as well as offices to work from, then the location on a busy street or in the town centre might be a viable option. This gives you the footfall and passing traffic to take advantage of further advertising opportunities. If you don’t need that, then perhaps you can look a little further afield which gives you cheaper business rates and lease options to help with overheads.

Creating the right layout and set up that works for your business

The next thing to think about would be the layout of your chosen premises. Again if people are going to be visiting your business, for example if you have a healthcare environment, a practice or place where treatments are going to be performed then getting help from experts like Levitch Fitout could be the answer. If you are needing a standard shop, then there may be local businesses you could enlist help from. Having the right layout and making the location work for your business is important, as there is a lot of investment needing to be made.

Consider the environment and atmosphere

Once you have your layout complete and your business premises is ready to be worked in or to start trading, you need to think about the atmosphere you create. It could be simple things such as having a lot of natural light and fresh air, plants, the use of colour on the wall and how things are spaced out in terms of desks and working areas versus where customers and clients might be.

Will you have people working for you?

Finally, will you have people working for you? If so, then your business location needs to also consider this when it comes to the layout and what you have available. A kitchen or an area to store food and drink, a water dispenser perhaps, and keeping the temperature inside comfortable. Especially on cold or warm days.

I hope that this gives you something to think about when it comes to finding and creating the ideal business location for you.

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