The link between your employee’s mood and pr...

The link between your employee’s mood and productivity levels

It makes sense that when you’re in a good mood, you will work hard and do your very best. When you’re down and your mood is low, getting through your tasks can feel like a huge chore. Of course, no one leaps out of bed in the morning in a hurry to get to work but it’s not normal to be very down and depressed about your job either. For most people, mood will fluctuate but as business owners there are things we can do to improve this in our workers which will in turn allow them to do their best work for us. Here are some ideas.


Research has shown time and time again that plants boost mood and therefore productivity in the workplace. Having living plants in our surroundings can reduce stress and promote feelings of wellbeing. Colour psychology suggests this is due to the colour itself, with green being very calming. From an evolutionary perspective, plants would have been seen by our ancestors as a ‘reward’- the labour of their hard work to cultivate food. Add some plants around your office as a way to decorate in a non-fussy way, they add both colour and texture. And encourage employees to bring in a plant of their own too to put on their desk, something they enjoy looking at. It could be anything from a cactus to a small flowering houseplant.


Natural light has a profound effect on us as humans. It’s a huge ‘wake up’ cue to our brains, meaning in natural light we’re more likely to be alert. It also boost mood too, for this reason you should make the most of the natural light you have coming in. An office with large windows is idea, but regardless of your space you could adjust the layout. Put desks next to windows so that workers can benefit. Change up your blinds so the light can be adjusted to a comfortable level without blocking it completely.

Ergonomically Designed Furniture

In many kinds of jobs, workers are sat at their desks for a large part of the day. Sitting in a chair that’s uncomfortable or using a desk that’s too small is going to be frustrating and will quite obviously reduce mood. If you’re already looking to buy office furniture then this is a good reason to bit the bullet and invest in new pieces. Good quality desks and chairs will reduce back and neck pain as well as things like wrist pain too.

Exercise Equipment

Going back to lots of jobs being very sedentary, this is another thing that can affect workers mood. When you’ve been sat in one spot all day, restless energy can built. It can also cause you to feel sleepy and sluggish. Encourage workers to get up out of their seat during breaks, a brisk walk around the office block at lunch is enough to clear your head and refresh you for the afternoon. But you could go a step further too, standing desks and under- desk exercise equipment can help to give workers a boost.


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