Finding the chef your restaurant deserves

Finding the chef your restaurant deserves

Your restaurant needs someone at the helm who knows what they’re doing, and can whip up a variety of meals in quick time with the right garnish and flavor all packed in. And that’s a quality that only a few people have! In the age of food experimentation, and social media pages filled with snaps of tasty looking lunches and dinners, you’ve got to be able to wade through and find someone with the real experience and qualifications.
So in your desire to find the right fit for the position of head chef at your restaurant, whether you’re looking for a replacement or you’re just opening up and need the right person to take your business further, here are some tips for you.

Know the Qualities to Look For

Your chef needs to have certain qualities to them, and they need to show these qualities in spades in order for you to hire them. They need to be someone who stays calm under pressure, and they need to be someone who can work fast with precision. They’re someone who can be on their feet for hours without lagging or complaining. They’re someone who always has an eye for detail, and allows that to show through with the food presentation on the plates they send out into the restaurant, etc.

If you’re unsure about someone’s ability in any of these aras, feel free to give them a trial behind the kitchen counter during a working day, and keep track of how fast and effective they are, and what customers have to say about their food.

Try an Agency First

Recruitment agencies will always have someone on file to recommend, even if just for a short period, so they should be where you head first to find a good new or replacement chef. Of course, you don’t have to give an agency member a full time position, but if you’re in a pinch, make sure you bring them on board.

Or you could enlist the help of food industry recruitment services, and find someone in or near your area to try and fill the position. The workers that can be found on sites like these are likely to be far better suited to your restaurant, and its culture and pace, so keep this option in mind as well.

Use References Liberally

Make sure the chef you decide to hire comes with references, either of another place they worked in, or from the school they trained at. You want to know someone in a similar position as you, and someone with the right knowledge, believes them to be a good worker for your restaurant. Some references may be a little lacking, but you can always call for more information if need be.

You’re running a restaurant, you need the best – your customers will soon let you know if you have anything less! Your restaurant deserves a good chef to make it world class.

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