What you need to build your own craft cider busine...

What you need to build your own craft cider business

Corporations will have their day. They will churn out a decent product and the masses will flock to it if the price is right. Eventually, consumers will want something that is far from generic. Authenticity in itself, sells. So you can expect craft alcohol businesses to begin taking over little by little. Local drinkers especially, are more than willing to buy craft and local so it’s a case of conquering one neighborhood after another, one by one. Craft alcohol isn’t actually that difficult to produce. In fact the main problems are always the production capacity, not actually making the product itself. But, we live in a world of innovation and soaring capability, so even if you are a small business you have the chance of consistent success. All these ideas you have cannot live in your mind forever. Bringing them to life will mean that you first build your business from the ground up.

Mark your own patch

Craft cider is one of the more popular craft drinks because beer is slowly becoming less and less popular. Consumers want flavor and they want a unique texture, so cider is perfect for this growing market. First, you’ll need your own patch in the world where you can grow your apples and even peers. The best apple growing climate is somewhere where there is consistent cold and rain, moderate summers and a high humidity. This why the UK is exceptional at cider brewing because the climate is brilliant for red and green apples. Find a patch that is going to have consistent rain and very cool days along with wind chills during the night. In terms of size, a patch that is 5 square meters will be good for one apple tree. Speak with some private landowners as well as going to land sale auctions to buy the patch you’re looking for.

The toiling of the land

The quality of equipment you buy will have an impact on the efficiency in your work and the overall quality of your product. It’s no good using equipment that will either take too long getting the apples to the mill, or simply destroy many of them during the harvesting. Yet you also need to actually plow the field first and foremost to even plant your seeds. Larger equipment for this is needed such as tractor with toiling equipment attached to the rear. Consider one of these Tractors For Sale and pick a model that suits your budget and needs. There’s a range of large and small, as well as vintage and modern tractors to choose from. The standard pitchfork and spade are also needed for basic upkeep and maintenance of the apple trees. Buying tree nets is also a good idea so on particularly windy days, no apples may be lost.

It’s juicing time

After you have collected all your apples, you’ll need a mill press to turn the apples into a fine mulch. Crushing, churning and squeezing out all the juice from the apples is your main goal at the production stage. For the early years you may be putting the apples into the press by hand and bucket. However as your sales increase and you have more available funds, you can buy conveyor belts that can channel the apples where you need them. You may also find that a mill press that is driven by hand is more affordable than an automated modern style. The factory and the fermentation process is next. A small factory with around 200 feet squared is a good size for your very first. This will be able to hold multiple barrels and allow the cider to ferment while in reasonably space from each other.

The transportation element

Most craft cider businesses will actually label and transfer their own product to their distributors. Boxing them up, and putting them in your car under a sheet or in a cooler is very common. Vans with coolers are also a top choice for the independent brewer. It may be difficult work but the journey is more than worth the trouble. Not to mention, you’ll also be saving a ton of money on transportation.

Craft cider is fast becoming one of the most popular alcoholic drinks that both the young and old enjoy. You may have a great idea, a unique flavor, but you need to follow the rules of the craft business when it comes to the basics. Find a patch a ground that is in a cold and wet environment, then you can figure out how much land per square feet you want regarding the amount of apple trees you will be planting.

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