How to run a catering business from home

How to run a catering business from home

While many of the businesses which are started from home these days are based around the internet, a practical one which you can start yourself is a catering company. If you have a love for cooking and providing hospitality to other people, this could prove to be the idea business idea for you. While there is no single ‘recipe’ which works for everyone starting this type of company, there are some basic steps which are worth following. And here are some of the most obvious ones.

Develop Your Business Plan

Like starting any other kind of successful business, you need to have a clear plan in place before you go any further. Since there are so many other catering companies out there these days, the first step that you need to accomplish is finding your niche. This way, you will give yourself something which you can market your business around. You can do this by either focusing on a specific type of food or a type of event. Your business plan will also need to include various practical elements including a mission statement, financial projections, and a marketing plan.

Business Licenses

As with other businesses which involve selling food and drink to the public, you will need to obtain the relevant licenses to ensure that your company meets certain codes of conduct. This is likely to involve a health inspection of your kitchen, and you need to better understand what is expected of you as a business owner. Don’t forget that commercial kitchens require hygiene posters. You don’t want to put your business in jeopardy before you have even gotten started.

Create Your Menu

Your menu is a obviously a crucial aspect of your catering business, and it may take some time before you have all the individual dishes that you want to offer to customers. You will also probably want to include a variety of items so that your clients have the opportunity to pick from as wide a range of options as possible. You may also want to put together several ‘packages’ which are suited to different types of event.

Buy Your Kitchen Tools

A chef is only as good as his or her ingredients and equipment. You need to have a set of equipment which is separate from your personal kitchenware. You may also find that you are in need of certain industrial items which you don’t have at home. When you are choosing suppliers for your food, make sure that you are selective so that you select high-quality ingredients which are going to create high-quality meals.

Promote Your Food

The best ways of promoting your catering business are making your food look and sound delicious, as well as obtaining positive customer referrals and recommendations. In the modern world, the best place to display these is on a high-quality website. Since big companies and events are more likely to use bigger organisations themselves, you may be better off targeting startups and smaller events when you are first getting started.


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