How you can give back to your customers

How you can give back to your customers

Your customers are the most important aspect of your business. While there is a lot of hard work, time, and patience put into running your business, without your customers, your business would simply be an idea. It’s important to keep your customers happy so that they will do these things: 1. Come back, and 2. Recommend you to a friend or family member. With so much competition around, it can be difficult to gain loyalty from customers, so take a look at these brilliant ways of giving back to your customers so that they will come back time and time again.

Start a loyalty scheme

One of the greatest ways of giving something to your customers while reaping benefits for your business is by starting up some sort of loyalty scheme. Having them sign up with details such as their email address and phone number will allow you to send them newsletters and deals via email. The loyalty scheme works well for both customer and your business because you’re more likely to have a returning customer, due to the fact that they will be working towards their reward with your scheme. Everybody wins! Come up with something that will appeal to your target audience and you’ll soon begin seeing more regular customers!

Make their experience easier

Have you ever been shopping and noticed that someone is struggling to manoeuvre around? Some businesses don’t cater for people that have mobility issues, and this can be a massive turn off for customers. Making their experience easier and being considerate to those that might need a little extra help is sure to win your customers over. Consider putting in sliding doors, handrails, lifts, seating, and even offering mobility scooters for your store so that your customers can visit you with ease.

Give out vouchers

As mentioned earlier, without your customers, your business would still just be an idea on paper, so it’s important to give back to them as a simple ‘thank you’. Create some vouchers for money off your products and services and give them out when your customers visit you. Some businesses give out vouchers when their customers have spent a certain amount with them, so that might be something to consider. Another great idea would be to send these vouchers to your most loyal customers too as a reward for using your products or services, and to encourage them to come back to you.

Scrub up on your customer service techniques

Finally, one of the most important things that you should be doing for your customers is giving them the best customer service possible. A great habit to get into is to use the ‘HOTS’ service. This stands for ‘hello, offer, thank, and smile’. Using these basic customer service points will ensure that your customers never walk away feeling disgruntled with your service.

Give back to your customers so that you gain more loyalty from them and also encourage them to recommend you to a friend!

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